Transforming America


The debate about what kind of punishment to impose upon Syria for crossing the country’s redline continues at feverish pace. A lot of the arguments revolve around how the US will react to a successful take down of the Syrian dictator. What will we do? Will we have to send troops in to secure the country? Who will replace Assad? In the mean time, our leader remains unfettered and ready to blame Bush for whatever happens.

I think our liberal friends who elected this schmuck into office forget that Obama believes like most liberals and Muslims that the USA is responsible for everything that is wrong on the planet Earth. His campaign promise to transform America is the only goal he keeps his eye on. We are finally beginning to realize what he is transforming America into. He believes that America like all western nations is a colonial power that became exceptional by stealing wealth from poor, under developed nations. His goal, to transform America, involves bringing the USA down to the level of incompetency that exists in the Mid-east, Africa, and Asia. Obama wants the USA to fail so he can prove that the world will become a better place when it does.

The arguments about his current incompetency and his policy to lead from behind are all mute. He is doing these things on purpose to let the world know that America is no better than any other dung-hole of a country or continent. When he succeeds in making us a third world country his accomplished his primary goal, and he will be happy. The rest os us will wonder what-the-heck just happened and how did we get here.

Think about it. The best way to bring us down to third world status is to bankrupt us. How many things has he initiated to do that? Obama Care, loose border control and immigration policies, offering food stamps to any one who fills out the forms, free phones,  mortgages to Palestinians, millions to research how to stop women in Brazil from smoking, and now another war. In his mind he is doing great, so why do we even bother to debate any of it?

Terrorism by Fire

I’ve heard of Baptism by Fire, but never Terrorism by Fire, yet here is a video which specifically cites Al Qaeda as the arsonist on several forest fires in California this year. Why haven’t we heard this reported by any of the news organizations including Fox?

In a million years, I would never have visioned a forest fire as a way to inflict economic damage and terror. Yet, when I hear it reported, it makes logical sense. I have to hand it to al Qaeda for dreaming up this one. I wonder if the al Qaeda members who started the known fires entered the USA by walking across our Southern borders unchallenged and abetted by Obama and his policy to ignore the existing immigration laws.

“We the People” certainly need to change the leader of the country with someone who cares about America and can relate to war, and it is not Hillary.



Add Islamaphobe to Homophobe, and Racist

You did what?

This morning’s news upset me quite a bit. The announcement about two Universities being terrorized by bomb threats coming by phone from people who sounded mid-eastern was enough for me. I dashed off a letter to my Senators and Congressman. Then I e-mailed the letter. To make sure they got the message, I called their offices and dictated the letter to the aid in charge. Not satisfied, I sent a signed copy of the letter by Priority mail to Senators Durbin, Kirk, and Congressman Kinzinger. The message is don’t f__k with our kids.

The full content of my letter is below. I recommend you copy this letter and send it to your Senators and Congressmen as well. We have to make our voices heard. The insanity must be stopped.


Frankfort, IL 60423

14 September 2012

Senator Richard Durbin

711 Hart Senate Building

Washington, DC 20510

Re:  Homeland Security

Legislation to secure America from attack

Dear Senator Durbin:

Please pass legislation immediately to do the following:

1. Suspend all Visas’ of people from Muslim countries to the USA.

2. Prohibit entry to any Muslim into the USA

3. Find and deport all illegal Muslim people living in the USA

4. Prohibit further immigration of Muslim people into the USA.

5. Interview and watch all non-citizen Muslims within the USA.

6. Close the borders between Mexico and Canada to stem the tide of illegal Muslims entering the USA.

I request this action as a citizen who totally understands the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I also understand that our Congress has control over writing laws to make our country safe. None of the requests I have made above are out of the ordinary nor would they violate any Constitutional rights. Radical Muslims have attacked or threaten to attack us from within. It is our duty  as a nation to take action against these aggressors.

I ask for this legislation because of the most recent attack on the USA by AL Qaeda at the Universities of Texas and North Dakota.  Since we are at war with terrorists these actions are appropriate and mandatory as a way to control the enemy. Since there is no safe way to determine which alien Muslims are radical, and which are not, we must make them all suspect and send them back to their home countries.

We must keep our country safe from attack by anyone from anywhere.

Please do the right thing and place this legislation before the Senate for a vote by next week. I know you can do it if you really care about America.

Respectfully yours,

Grumpa Joe


You call me an Islamaphobe, just add it on to racist and homophobe.

In the meantime. write to your Senators and Congressman.

Was the Grid a Campaign Promise or a Lie?

Yesterday, I raved about the Newsweek article titled “Hit the Road Barack.” In this article, Niall Ferguson points out that Obama broke a promise to build a modern electrical grid. Concurrently, I received the statement shown below from my electricity supplier. Note the amount of electricity being generated by various forms of fuel. Granted this distribution is from Illinois, but I believe it will be similar for all fifty states. In Illinois we burn coal to supply 45.6 % of our electricity. Our second largest fuel is Uranium 238 (Nuclear Power). Illinois has a heavy concentration of nuclear power, and has been a leader in this area since nuclear power came on the scene. There is a lake between Channahon and Morris, Illinois where spent fuel glows with an eerie blue light underwater.

So what did our president decide to do? He made good on a campaign promise to break the back of the coal industry in AMERICA. President Obama professes his home town is Chicago, Illinois, yet he threw the Illinois coal mining industry under the bus. There is enough coal under Illinois to provide the total energy demand of the USA for a hundred years. How large will the hole be that remains after removing a hundred years worth of coal? Certainly it will be large enough to throw the Chicago and State of Illinois Democrat machine in forever.

Think about this, where will you get half of your electricity when coal is gone? Will it be from nuclear? Not a chance. It takes ten years and a boat load of money to build a modern nuclear power plant. Will it be wind power? Look at the numbers below and tell me how many windmills can generate that much electricity. Illinois already sports way too many ugly windmills and I cannot imagine what the countryside will look like if we got half of our power from wind.

Will it be solar? Not in the Chicago area, our cloud cover from Lake Michigan makes the Chicago area one of the least effective solar power areas in the world.

Will it be from hydro-power? Not likely, since we don’t have waterfalls or raging rivers in our state.

Most likely, we will get it by converting coal plants to natural gas. The cost of converting that many coal-burning plants will be expensive. Oh yes, we will continue to burn coal, but it will be expensive. Face it, our electrical bills will rise faster than the deficit.  So, what has all this have to do with the new grid?

Fuel Distribution

When I first heard about a new electrical grid, something very robust and flexible came to mind. The grid would have to accommodate attacks from foreign powers without shutting down the entire country; the grid would work like the internet. The idea for a new grid comes up each time we have a blackout of major proportions.

After reading a bit about the new national grid I have learned that the need is not driven by national security at all. It is President Obama’s Green Energy Policy driving the need. When the USA finally achieves the goal of replacing hydrocarbon fuels with sustainable green energy like wind, solar, geothermal, and hydro a very flexible grid is needed to accommodate energy feeds from all these sources. On a windy day, when every windmill is running at peak, the new grid will feed the electricity all over the country. In the daytime, the solar panels will kick in, and feed the need. At night, when there is no solar, and very little wind, the grid would allow feeds from generating plants.

Can you imagine how many windmills and solar panels it will take to feed our electrical appetites?  I see every house in America roofed in solar panels, with the siding also generating electricity. Our lawns will be silver with solar panels. Each house will have a huge battery in  the basement to store excess energy for power on cloudy, windless days. We will need a degree in electrical management to run our in-home electrical needs like turning on light bulbs. What we don’t use will feed into the new flexible energy grid.  I almost forgot, windmills will top the same solar clad home.

I’ve said enough to show that the green energy thing is a giant wet dream being fed to the Sheeple of America for making the Green Energy lobby in Washington very happy. When every public building and house in America sports a windmill or two the new national power grid might become a reality. The real reason for the green energy policy is to pave the way for the Cap and Trade business of paying fines for exceeding CO2 emissions. The fines will go into an International Carbon Bank led by insider bureaucrats for distribution to countries who do not generate CO2. Of course the bureaucrats will feed their pockets with the free flow of carbon money coming in.

Who ever fed President Obama these ideas has used mind altering substances, and is having grandiose Dreams From Obama’s Father. Perhaps in one-hundred years the green energy thing will become a workable reality, but now it is a huge lie being forced on us as an excuse to steal  our money.

Green Energy for the White House

The Real Grampa Joe

The Real Grampa Joe

My dad left Hungary when he was just seventeen years old. His father told him he had to go to America because he could no longer feed him.  I admired him for the courage it took to make a move like that. He never looked back. Once he arrived in the USA it became his new home, and he adapted quickly. His sponsor was my Aunt Anna and her husband John. Uncle John worked for the Illinois Central Railroad. It was Uncle John who got dad his first and only job in America.

Dad worked as a laborer at the Burnside shops. He became an expert at repairing brakes on rail cars. During his career as a laborer, he received several awards for money-saving suggestions for how to improve the efficiency of brake beam repair.

Dad met Mom in Burnside and that is where they married. They bought a house with one of the very first Savings and Loans mortgages. They lived in that house and raised three kids there. At age seventy, Dad bought Mom her dream house in Calumet Park. He took out a loan and paid it off before he died.

Dad was a staunch Democrat. He voted the way his boss told him to vote because he didn’t want to rock the boat with his job. Dad and Mom lived as conservatives. They would have died from shame had they accepted welfare. They didn’t have much, but they knew how to make it stretch and to work for them. They made today’s Green Movement look like a bunch of wasteful polluters. There wasn’t anything Dad or Mom wouldn’t reuse or recycle into something of value.  Sometime, I’ll tell the story of being sent out to the street to collect horse manure for Mom’s garden, or  going to the railroad tracks to collect coal from the roadbed, or about raising pigeons and chickens for Sunday meals, or about using old pieces of rubber to fix worn tires.

Dad taught me moodiness, and quiet. He also taught me honesty, love, and the value of hard work. He taught me love by example. He and my mother parted only by death after sixty-four years of marriage.

Dad retired at sixty-five from the very same job he got when he arrived from Hungary. He never complained, he just kept working hard, and kept on loving us the best he knew how. He remained independent until his last week on earth. When he realized his loss of independence, he left the same way he came, alone.

Insanity-Doing the Same Thing Over and Over and Expecting a Different Result

The creative side of my head keeps telling me to draw a cartoon depicting a hybrid semi-truck. Before I go to the trouble to make the drawing, I felt it wise to find out how much oil truck use as compared to cars. The current gov’m’n’t  push is to conserve oil by telling us buy expensive hybrids that will increase gas mileage from 29 mpg to 48 mpg.

Now, more than ever, I am convinced the USA can live without the Department of Energy. For the last week, I have been researching the Internet for data regarding the amount of fuel used by various modes of travel. This should be easy, I thought; just go to the DOE site and search. Wrong. I needed to visit many websites for each type of transportation to find one simple number. How much fuel do the cars, trucks, trains, ships, and planes in the USA consume within one year?

What I have learned is that every time Barack Obama or one of his denizens begins spewing rhetoric about man-made global warming and the oil shortage, it is best to change the channel. Another reason for channel flipping is any dialog about the urgency to sell your gas hog in favor of a hybrid.

There is one thing this research did for me. It made the USA Energy Policy stand out. The policy is to make everything run on oil.

Oil is the organic compound breathing life into the modern era.

The hybrid trade off for me is about 170 horsepower and a lot of comfort. Hybrids with high mileage are tiny puddle jumpers that run on four cylinders and weigh less than three thousand pounds.(A puddle jumper in my day weighed 1800 pounds, how did the  Prius get so fat? Batteries?) I spent twenty years driving puddle jumpers at a time when even the most Left person in the country had not awakened to the fact that maybe burning gasoline will pollute the air.

At my current age, I want enough horsepower to climb a hill without the need to downshift four times and have to crawl to the top. I also prefer a seat large enough to handle my wide body, air conditioning to minimize discomfort, a quiet cabin, and a trunk large enough to carry my luggage.

Here is the chart I made using the data gleaned from many sources. Even I have a hard time believing what I see.

Chart by Grumpa Joe May 18, 2011, Data from various Internet sources

Here are some questions to ask:

  1. Why on earth are we picking on cars to save oil when trucks, ships, and trains consume more than cars?
  2. Why isn’t Obama pushing the truck industry to buy hybrids?
  3. Is there such a thing as a hybrid truck?
  4. Why do we buy oil from the other side of the world when the largest polluters are the ships hauling the oil?
  5. Why is Obama pushing high-speed passenger service when he should be pushing high-speed electric freight?
  6. Is Obama aware that the country’s average mileage for a car is 18 mpg? (Most likely tilted to the low end by illegals buying two hundred dollar cars that are low mpg.)
  7. If diesel-electric locomotives are so fuel efficient, why don’t we use the same principle on semi-trucks?
  8. If all electric trains are so much more efficient than diesel-electrics why aren’t we pushing for that?

The questions can go on and on, but no one is asking them.  Instead, we get a bunch of BS from our leader about the urgency to trade in the SUV.

Two Barry’s


My Flag Flies Everyday

My Flag Flies Everyday

Have you ever heard of Barry? I’m not speaking of Barack “Barry” Obama, I speak of Barry Goldwater. Mr. Goldwater was a US Senator from Arizona in the nineteen sixties.  Goldwater was the most conservative Senator ever to be elected in the modern USA. His book “Conscience of a Conservative” was a best seller, and is considered to be the credo of the conservative political movement.

I learned of Barry Goldwater from a colleague at my first job out of college. My friend was also a recent college grad. He had become a staunch conservative after reading Senator Goldwater’s book. We spoke often of the Constitution and the principles of conservatism; love of God and country, small government, low taxes. We spoke of  the vision the founding fathers had for this new country. They had had it with a dictator king, and the unfair taxes imposed upon them. They were tired of the King deciding what was good for his subjects, and how to worship.  They wanted liberty to determine the course of their own lives. The idea of the king deciding for them was an atrocious concept.

The new citizens coming to the soil of North America were from many countries. They were immigrants. They fled their homelands in search of religious freedom. They came from England, Holland, France, Spain, and Germany. All across europe the citizens were unhappy with the way the kings ruled, and kept their subjects in abject poverty, while the aristocracy became fat.  The only way out was to revolt, or to leave. Many revolted, others left. The ones that left formed the greatest country in the world. The ones that revolted, suffered at the expense of the kings. Eventually, European countries backed away from monarchial rule and formed governments ruled by the people. Many kept thier monarchies as figure heads of the past.

One of the largest revolutions occurred in Russia. Lenin and Stalin imposed an even greater evil upon the people in the form of socialism. Yes, they forced the country from a monarchy into collective socialism.  They made it happen by slaughtering millions of good Russian people. Along came another great idealist. His name was Hitler. He decided that the people of Germany needed a change. The German people were sick of being ruled by the Kaiser. Hitler wanted the people to have socialism. He wanted it so much that he went to war over it. He wanted to convert all of Europe to his style of socialism, even Russia.

By this time the little country formed by immigrants from all of these countries had to step in and stop the mayhem. It was called World War Two. The USA, founded on the principles of a belief in God, and Liberty, had to become the salvation of the western world. The USA beat Hitler at a huge cost of blood and lives. Instead of challenging Russia, we made them allies in order to defeat Hitler.  Eventually, Ronald Reagan beat communism in the nineteen eighties. The great Soviet Union went broke trying to convert the world to socialism at the expense of their people.

Now we have a new “Barry.” He is Barack “Barry” Obama. This man should know better having been educated in the best schools in the USA. Like Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler, he too espouses the concept of “socialism.” He hasn’t learned from history that socialism,  and a welfare state is a failure. Instead, he insists on changing our great country into a socialist state as fast as he can.  He has used the economic meltdown as a shield to force congress to pass legislation that will create  government so huge it will self destruct.

 It may be my warped mind, but all I  can think is that the subjects of  history, and political science are being slanted  by socialist leaning liberal college tenures. In the fifty years since Barry Goldwater wrote his conservative credo, our scholastic instituions have created several generations socialist leaning  people. At the same time, our government, in all of its benevolence, has done an outstanding job of creating a population of uneducated welfare recipients.

The result is that Barry Obama is leading the citizenry of the USA,  with an army of socialist college grads, and welfare dependents toward atheism, and total  government subjugation under the manifesto of “Change We Can Believe In.”.

When will we wake up and understand that we are being led down the path toward a new era of modern slavery?


Nothing is impossible (at least that does not violate the laws of physics). When you can..violate the laws of physics!

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