A Wabbit War Ally

I finally found an ally who has learned the same way I did.

Two Barn Farm

We’ve been taught from a young age that rabbits are cute, cuddly, adorable little creatures. They fool hunters and outsmart monsters…They sell us cereal and batteries… They help a young prince grow up and learn to skate… They save the world, promote naked women and are sometimes late but what they really are……..are garden destroyers.

You’ve been brainwashed,  Ya been bamboozled into believing these creatures are harmless and I’m here to say, No! All my hard work from; preparing the soil, planting, watering, weeding and general upkeep can be shattered in a single day by one of these varmints.

You can’t really trap a rabbit during the summer. Why would a rabbit enter a metal trap (with whatever bait) when there is a cornucopia of fresh veggies and herbs all over the place? Besides, live trapping of rabbits is not recommended because rabbits can carry certain diseases which may be…

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Tomorrow, Tomorrow, It’s Always a Day Away

Our first visit to Frankfort Cruise night was a huge disappointment. Usually, the place is jammed with cars. Hot Rodders begin streaming in as early as two o’clock to get a prime spot. The parking lots, and streets are all filled with classics. People come from all around just to gawk, talk to the owners, and to enjoy a pleasant summer night out. This night there was but a smattering of cars, and even fewer people.

Why? All I can figure is that our record setting temperature of 103 degrees did it. The heat was oppressive, and we got there too early. The sun was still too high to get any good pictures.

I snapped a few photos before Peggy and I escaped into the new ice cream shop called Mamma Rosetta’s for a peach gelato. Next week promises to be a better day. How did that song go from the musical Lil Orphan Annie, “tomorrow, tomorrow, it’s always a day away. . . .”

An early VW truck with air conditioning.

1960 Cadillac with loooong tail fins

Cadillac tail fin point at a Corvair van

Liar in Chief

Machiavelli: The end justifies the means

What better way to rationalize why Obama does what he does. He lies to the American people and sells the lie as snake oil. Some pundits like to call the lies “Kool Aid.”

There is no question that Obama pulled a fast one on us. He knew outright that his signature health care bill would not make it through Congress if it contained the word TAX. Congress also knew it. They argued among themselves to change the word tax to mandate. I wouldn’t doubt they also knew a mandate would never get through the Supreme Court, but a tax would.  Obama and the Democrat Congress perpetrated a massive deception to put one sixth of the economy into government control. How else can the Socialists complete their agenda without control?

Did Obama care a hoot about the millions of unemployed? Nope, he didn’t. Why? Because he is able to borrow money and soothe the pain for those who lost jobs. Whose money does he borrow? The money needed by my grandkids to survive. Does he care? Nope. All Obama wants is to level the playing field of humanity. He truly believes that all humans should have equal outcomes. That means we have a long way to go to level out with his Kenyan brothers. How else will he share the wealth? The African people have had their continent for as many years as the Europeans have had  the European continent. Yet, Europeans are further ahead of Africans, and God love us Americans are further than Europeans.

We didn’t get to where we are because we believe in equal outcomes. We are where we are because we believe in the individual’s ability to make his dreams come true given the liberty to do so. America certainly didn’t achieve greatness built on lies.

Here is a bit of advice for the Kool Aid drinkers of America. Teach your kids to lie, cheat, scheme, and abdicate responsibility, it’s the RIGHT THING TO DO  in a Progressive world.

She Weeps for Many Reasons

She weeps for many reasons, but today marks a special event. The Supreme Court upheld Obama care as Constitutional because Congress has the right to impose a tax. The Supreme Court made the decision that Obama was not capable of making.

President Obama knew right from the start that the health care bill would never pass if he sold it as a tax. Especially after his campaign promise to not tax the middle class. Therefore, he and his cronies invented the ambiguous language which failed to define which it was (He speaks with a forked tongue). The Court saw through the subterfuge and decided for him. Now he has to live with the task of convincing the country that the single largest tax assault the US has ever seen is a good thing. This is another tax to pile onto the backs of the working class to make them tax-slaves to those who feed off of big government.

Lady Liberty cries because of the loss of Liberty we face with this regime. Justice Antonin Scalia gave us a Constitutional lesson regarding our loss of liberty and what we have to do if we don’t like the law. If we don’t like losing liberty, or this law, we should vote for new leadership, or in other words, throw the bums out. Let us show him that we are quick to learn and send the Constitution-Side-Stepper-in-Chief along with his head bobbing Senate packing

On the immigration issue, I  believe we should erect a Statue of Liberty along with a copy of Ellis Island at every legitimate entry point into the USA.  Perhaps the same symbol of liberty that greeted our immigrant parents will help solidify why a person wants to leave his home country to live in America.

Owlobama Flexes His Might

Owl versus Tombstone

Animals Have Rights

Obama’s Regulatory Czar Cass Sunstein has publicly stated that he wants to “establish legal ‘rights’ for livestock, wildlife and pets, which would enable animals to file lawsuits in American courts.”  Most of us think he is crazy, but something is going on in Arizona that may be the result of this crazy man’s influence.

Most of us have heard about the  town of  Tombstone, Arizona acclaimed for the famous gunfight involving Wyatt Earp at the OK-Corral. This tiny town of 1562 souls is in southeast Arizona near the Coronado National Forest and the Dragoon Mountains. The town came into existence in 1879, and in 1881 began using water piped down from mountain springs. Tombstone also has a well, but the water is high in arsenic and is not the favored drinking water supply. Last year, a forest fire followed by a monsoon style rain storm  literally re-arranged the landscape. Boulders the size of cars washed down the mountain. One of them landed on the Tombstone water pipe and cut off the town’s main water supply. Town officials immediately began reconstruction of their pipeline, but ran into a snag when applying for permits from the National Forest Service who now has jurisdiction of the springs. The NFS did not allow using bulldozers, front end loaders and the likes moving dirt around their territory, even though Mother Nature had just remodeled the place. Their rule limited Tombstone to using shovels and picks. At first they did not even allow a wheelbarrow, but eventually relented.

There are many lawyers employed by Tombstone, and the Goldwater Institute and the USG to argue the matter. In the meantime, Tombstone officials are still struggling to get the water line replaced. They recruited an army of volunteers and provided shovels for the task. They reached the National Forest border where Rangers put a stop to their progress. NFS Rangers said  they spotted a nesting pair of Mexican Spotted Owls in the area. These owls are protected, or perhaps Mr. Czar Sunstein exerted his influence by request of his immediate boss.

I am not an owl expert, but I am a bird watcher and would probably pee in my pants if I actually spotted an Owl in the daytime. I lived in a wooded area and owls lived amongst us. In twenty years of looking for them, I never saw one. I heard them often. One night I had Screech owls in the tree behind my house, and often while walking in the early morning dark, I heard Great Horned Owls hooting at each other. It is my understanding that owls are a nocturnal bird. That means they hunt and do their normal stuff during the dark hours. During the daylight they hide in trees looking like branches while resting. Now, I’m not saying that I am an expert on owls like a Forest Ranger might be, but something doesn’t add up here. Do Mexican Spotted Owls mate, lay eggs, and raise families during daylight? If so, how do their young ever learn how to hunt at night?

I have another question for the rangers, How large is “the area” in which you saw them? Were they nesting immediately above the broken pipe? Or were they a mile away? I remember when as Scoutmaster we camped in a ten thousand acre area that had a nesting pair of Bald Eagles. Our Scout guides took us to see the  nest but stopped us a hundred yards short. FYI, Bald Eagles have a fifty mile hunting range. Does that mean all human life within fifty miles of  a nest be kept away? At this moment there is a nesting pair of Bald Eagles on the southwest side of Chicago. Should the powers evacuate six million people to protect them? Not. The birds built a nest in the middle of things and they will cope. Who doesn’t know how to cope or adapt  are big government dupes who get paid to read their manuals written by more dupes and pushed by their dupe supervisors to follow the rules.

It is my opinion that the Obama Administration has a thing for anything Arizona and is flexing its muscles to show us that they can do anything  simply because they can. It is time for us to show them that this is our country and we are taking it back!

I wonder if National Forest Service will re-route illegal entrants around the owls.

Law Breaker in Chief

Obama makes another Alinsky move and breaks another law. Section. 3. of Article II of the United States Constitution states the President’s responsibilities

“. . . he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed, . . .”

What can I say? Obama is taking Care not to execute Immigration Laws and  is violating his Constitutional responsibilities. He is clearly The Law Breaker in Chief, and Congress must impeach him for this deliberate dereliction. We continue to hear “we are a Nation of Laws”, but then we fail to enforce them i.e. unless it is not politically correct to do so.

One of my current interests is in Immigration reform. My parents were immigrants who came to America by boat to Ellis Island. Most of my friends proudly claim the same heritage, they are sons and daughters of immigrants, LEGAL IMMIGRANTS. The US has a long history of laws beginning in 1875 when the Supreme Court declared that regulation of US immigration is the responsibility of the Federal Government.

1903: This Act restated the 1891 provisions concerning land borders and called for rules covering entry as well as inspection of aliens crossing the Mexican border.

The complete history is available at Rapid Immigration.com

What is grossly hypocritical is that the US government has several immigration policies. One uses the current law, and makes aliens apply through US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The process takes years and money. The second allows aliens to walk across the border. Another scheme is to  over stay a legally acquired Visa. Who decides which immigrant is to stay? Let’s go back in time and settle on one uniform process.

Roughly one million people enter the USA legally every year, millions more walk over the line and set up camp in our cities.

Law Breaker in Chief

Lincoln freed the slaves and saved the Union. Obama makes us slaves and destroys the Union.

The President’s latest assault on Arizona basically cuts the State from the Union. He has succeeded in becoming the opposite of President Lincoln who freed the slaves, and saved the Union. President Obama is severing a State from the Union, and turning private sector workers into twenty-first century tax-slaves. Essentially, the border between Mexico and Arizona ceased to exist with Obama’s order to not enforce immigration law. It is my opinion that he is making good on a campaign promise to Leftist George Soros to open the border to gain Soros’ monetary support. Somehow, I don’t think we should allow George Soros to pull Obama’s strings.

If we are truly a Nation of Laws, then let us enforce them. If we think a Law is wrong, or out of date, let us repeal it . America is a big country with a huge heart. We are capable of assimilating many Peoples into our land. We are dependent on immigration to keep our country alive and vibrant. Let us face it, many people today begin families later in life, and thus they limit how many offspring they can have. Our current birth rate will not sustain us as a people. We need immigrants to keep our exceptional culture alive.

Here is my take on Immigration Reform:

1. Secure the borders. Don’t let anyone in without proper, lawfully obtained documentation. Open borders will only cause more migration of Peoples and cultures that will destroy the concept of America as a country. Open borders will move North American civilization backwards toward a more Neanderthal time.

2. Create a pathway for those illegals already in the country to become legal citizens. Although Amnesty is an easy out, it does not solve the problem. It didn’t in the past and it won’t now or in the future.

3. Repeal current laws completely and revise immigration quotas based on labor needs, desirability (law breakers, those with communicable diseases excluded, etc.)

4. Enact laws to allow people work permits, for instance, Singapore has a law that permits foreign labor to come to the country using contracts. When a worker completes his contract he must return home. Singapore regulates how many times a worker can come back.

5. All immigrants seeking permanent residency must sign an oath of allegiance to America, and to denounce Sharia law. An immigrant may follow religious laws within his heart, but the must pledge to follow Constitutional Law to live in the country.

6. Immigrants who wish to apply for citizenship must prove they know how to read, write, and speak English.

7. Only citizens may get government benefits.

8. Working citizens and aliens must pay income taxes.

9. Renounce multiculturalism, and embrace American Exceptionalism. Political correctness and multiculturalism is on the brink of destroying Europe. France and Spain are just a few years away from losing their own unique Ethnic cultures to Islamism. Mid Eastern Civilization is conquering Europe without firing a shot by populating the countries, using the countries  own laws and social programs to excess while insisting their culture be honored over that of the host nation. Confused Europeans have allowed their demands only to see their own cultures evaporate.

10. Reject One World Order as a political system until all countries in the world can meet economic and political stability. Example: the European Union is about to fall apart because the many countries do not agree on how to control government expenditures and their economies.

Can I have an Amen?

Parting is a Bitch

Thread bare, and faded, with the neck edges worn, yet he is still my favorite. Chief Grouch represents a time from another life. Created at the Cherokee Indian Trading Post in the Smokey Mountains, he has been my favorite for over thirty years. His time on this earth is short, and friends and relatives plead with me to end it, to part ways. How can I toss such a faithful sidekick into the trash heap? I know, I know, I look like a homeless person when I wear this beautiful Tee, but I don’t give a hoot, I love it. Chief Grouch and I have a history together.

The Chief represents a bike trip through Cades Cove and a vacation  during a time when Barb and I were still young. Barb named him Chief Grouch. She knew he was a chief, and  I was a grouch so it was a natural.

Over the years, people have stared into his eyes, and at his yellow Iris in wonder. No one has ever dared ask me why I wear the Chief, but I can tell by the expressions on their faces, that they want to know. I’m not sure I ever had a good reason, except to say we are brothers. We share the same deep, intense look of bewilderment, yet we have inner beauty like the Iris.


Chief Grouch on his final walk to see the sunset into the lake.

Yes good friend, it is time for us to part. I will not subject you to another cleansing ritual to endure the swish-swashing in suds, with the last whirling dervish flinging the water from your weave, but rather to join the  braves of your tribe in the Happy Hunting Ground.

do na da’ go hv i o gi na li

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