Owlobama Flexes His Might

Owl versus Tombstone

Animals Have Rights

Obama’s Regulatory Czar Cass Sunstein has publicly stated that he wants to “establish legal ‘rights’ for livestock, wildlife and pets, which would enable animals to file lawsuits in American courts.”  Most of us think he is crazy, but something is going on in Arizona that may be the result of this crazy man’s influence.

Most of us have heard about the  town of  Tombstone, Arizona acclaimed for the famous gunfight involving Wyatt Earp at the OK-Corral. This tiny town of 1562 souls is in southeast Arizona near the Coronado National Forest and the Dragoon Mountains. The town came into existence in 1879, and in 1881 began using water piped down from mountain springs. Tombstone also has a well, but the water is high in arsenic and is not the favored drinking water supply. Last year, a forest fire followed by a monsoon style rain storm  literally re-arranged the landscape. Boulders the size of cars washed down the mountain. One of them landed on the Tombstone water pipe and cut off the town’s main water supply. Town officials immediately began reconstruction of their pipeline, but ran into a snag when applying for permits from the National Forest Service who now has jurisdiction of the springs. The NFS did not allow using bulldozers, front end loaders and the likes moving dirt around their territory, even though Mother Nature had just remodeled the place. Their rule limited Tombstone to using shovels and picks. At first they did not even allow a wheelbarrow, but eventually relented.

There are many lawyers employed by Tombstone, and the Goldwater Institute and the USG to argue the matter. In the meantime, Tombstone officials are still struggling to get the water line replaced. They recruited an army of volunteers and provided shovels for the task. They reached the National Forest border where Rangers put a stop to their progress. NFS Rangers said  they spotted a nesting pair of Mexican Spotted Owls in the area. These owls are protected, or perhaps Mr. Czar Sunstein exerted his influence by request of his immediate boss.

I am not an owl expert, but I am a bird watcher and would probably pee in my pants if I actually spotted an Owl in the daytime. I lived in a wooded area and owls lived amongst us. In twenty years of looking for them, I never saw one. I heard them often. One night I had Screech owls in the tree behind my house, and often while walking in the early morning dark, I heard Great Horned Owls hooting at each other. It is my understanding that owls are a nocturnal bird. That means they hunt and do their normal stuff during the dark hours. During the daylight they hide in trees looking like branches while resting. Now, I’m not saying that I am an expert on owls like a Forest Ranger might be, but something doesn’t add up here. Do Mexican Spotted Owls mate, lay eggs, and raise families during daylight? If so, how do their young ever learn how to hunt at night?

I have another question for the rangers, How large is “the area” in which you saw them? Were they nesting immediately above the broken pipe? Or were they a mile away? I remember when as Scoutmaster we camped in a ten thousand acre area that had a nesting pair of Bald Eagles. Our Scout guides took us to see the  nest but stopped us a hundred yards short. FYI, Bald Eagles have a fifty mile hunting range. Does that mean all human life within fifty miles of  a nest be kept away? At this moment there is a nesting pair of Bald Eagles on the southwest side of Chicago. Should the powers evacuate six million people to protect them? Not. The birds built a nest in the middle of things and they will cope. Who doesn’t know how to cope or adapt  are big government dupes who get paid to read their manuals written by more dupes and pushed by their dupe supervisors to follow the rules.

It is my opinion that the Obama Administration has a thing for anything Arizona and is flexing its muscles to show us that they can do anything  simply because they can. It is time for us to show them that this is our country and we are taking it back!

I wonder if National Forest Service will re-route illegal entrants around the owls.