A Second Memorial

This page is dedicated to my second wife Peggy. We met while grieving widows and decided to begin a new life together. Both of us realized that the time would be limited and precious. Peggy did her best to be a fabulous partner, and in my estimation she succeeded. The only negative I have is that she died too soon. Nevertheless we spent fourteen years together of which ten were great. Her last four years were spent in hell right here on earth. If there is such a thing as sin, and repentance she paid her dues by suffering through four years of Alzheimer’s dementia.

Throughout our years together we adopted each other’s children and grand children as a blended family. Her grand children were adults and mine were baby to teen aged. Holidays were a big deal when they came to visit.

It has been nearly four years since we parted and I am first now able to write about our experiences. Grief is a strange emotion and even though we sometimes pretend that we are not grieving we are wrong. Grief stays with us for the remainder of our lives. All we can do is to endure it and accept it when it comes to visit. I’ll add to this page as I feel. Most of it will be photos taken of our time together.

Margaret ‘Peggy’ Porter-Rohaly

April 14, 1934~June 29, 2019

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