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  1. It’s not just political correctness that’s the problem it is also the fraud sitting in the White House going by the name of obama. We The People have a president that is not US Constitutionally qualified to hold office and the US Congress and the US Supreme Court are using race as a reason for not enforcing US Constitutional Law . Nancy Pelosi needs to be tried for treason for her part in letting a criminal and a fraud obtain the highest office in the land .

    • Thank you for commenting. I just found your response and I’m sorry I didn’t see it earlier.
      I think our biggest problem is us. We allowed all these incompetents to get into office without any vetting nor thought on our part. If we want to stay free, we have to remain vigilant and vote for candidates that will do the job. The Founders set it up in a way that “we the people” are in charge. When we abdicate our vote to the party’s chosen one we are not doing our job.

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  5. Is there a purpose of this post should you don’t mind myself asking?

    • Rita; Are you living in a vacuum? Or, perhaps you are a member of the Obama choir?

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  11. Joe!
    These are priceless.

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