Tree of Life

Ask me why I haven’t added entries into my web log this week. It’s simple. Christmas is coming. Yes, Christmas spelled with CHRIST. No sooner had the family left from Thanksgiving, then Grandma Peggy and I sprung into action. Let’s be honest though, sprung is not the correct word. It was more like a slow and easy if we don’t get it done today, there is tomorrow approach.

I’ll show examples of our accomplishments throughout December. Amongst my proudest accomplishments was re-assembling my Christmas Tree of Life. The idea is not original, it is based on a very old Navaho Indian rug.

The concept is simple, decorate the tree with ornaments that represent life forms. My tree has flowers, birds, butterflies, and some panda bears. Many of the ornaments were made with tender loving care by my Grand-elves in 1999-2000.

The solitude of decoration brought back memories of another life. This was a typical November day, with low dark clouds and off and on again drizzle that sometime turned to snow. The lights on the tree gave me the lift I needed to offset the dreariness of November 30, 2010.

Here it is partially completed.

Stay Away From My Junk

Preposterous, why would the President of the United States of America subject himself to a security check before he gets on my airplane? He won’t because he feels secure being surrounded full-time by Secret Service and military people. Besides, he is a key player in the political elitist establishment of the Progressive movement. He is better that the rest of us.

With all that security, it is possible that he and the SS are over-confident. Who checks the man’s jockey shorts before he puts them on? He does send them out to be laundered does he not? The possibility of someone sewing a bomb into his shorts does exist. Does he possess enough street smarts to know that it he is wearing a bomb? How does he know the difference between a serious threat to his body, and a harmless prank of adding starch to his shorts perpetrated by his better half?

Anything is possible; highly unlikely, but possible.

The TSA should show up at Air Force 1 before his next trip and check him over the same way they are checking the one percent of flyers they claim they to be checking.

Some how, the logic of this new security procedure escapes me. If I recall accurately, every bomb on an airplane in the past ten years was carried by an alien mid-eastern man who just coincidentally practiced Islam.  So why then, is the TSA subjecting white American mothers and their grandchildren to a crotch and boob search?

One answer and maybe the only one, is that we don’t profile in the good old USA. Profiling violates a person civil liberties. Well, I think a physical body search violates the Constitution and my civil liberties too. But, who am I to complain? The TSA is working to keep me safe, and I should just keep my mouth shut. I must  allow the government to grope my private parts because they know I won’t send CAIR to defend me, and more importantly because I am white.

Mr President, I will go along with the program if you allow yourself to be groped each time you board my airplane.

The Man Cave Blocks a Writer’s Mind

I find my self in a horrible writer’s block. The ideas are not coming. Maybe it is because I am preoccupied with a building project in the Man-cave. I have had this project on the books for five years, and decided it was time to make it happen. Building a finished room is not easy for me. I watch the DYI programs and get the idea that building a complete house only takes thirty minutes to an hour. That is not the reality, especially if you are a one man contractor, carpenter, electrician, etc.

After my Lions Club projects wound down, I set the goal to complete the Man-cave by Thanksgiving. It would be simple; just take a simple baby-step everyday. The deadline for next Thursday is not realistic, but Christmas may be a reality. That is, if I don’t go overboard on decorating, both inside and out.

The man-cave is the final project in a series of projects that I envisioned when I moved into this house. Once it is complete, I will begin using my wood shop to do some intarsia art-work. I haven’t done an intarsia piece in ten years, but I still have the desire to create art from wood. A couple of my pieces are shown below. I also have  a burning desire to design and build  whirligigs. These clever devices combine woodworking with wind powered mechanical motion. Since the whirligig constitutes yard-art, the goal is to have one in place in my 2011 garden.



Winter Bear

In between all of this physical activity, I still take baby steps toward completing a new book titled “Nightmares from Obama.” Combine that with publishing a new serialized Christmas story for Grumpa Joe’s Place, and it is no wonder why Grandma Peggy feels like she is a widow again. All of these projects and self-imposed deadlines have me stressed out. No wonder I suffer writer’s block.

A single line from a hymn keeps running through my mind, “One day at a time sweet Jesus, one day at a time….”

Jokers in Charge

A while back, I posted a piece titled Kangaroo Trial about conducting civilian trials for the Gitmo terrorists. I predicted that the domestic court system would find much of the evidence against the terrorists tainted and thus not allow it to be admitted. Today, evidence against the Kenyan embassy bomber Ahmed Ghailani was thrown out on technicalities and the guy was acquitted of two hundred and eighty  charges against him. He will eventually walk, when it was expected by our genius President and Attorney General that he would get a death penalty or life in prison.

I’ll never understand why we elected a dunce like BHO who had to spend $750,000,000.00 of other people’s money to win when there are  so many better credentialed players in the country.

Make Him Stand in the Corner

I salute you, the Veterans of the US armed services. Regardless of your age, branch of service or duty, I thank you for keeping us protected and for marching into duty at the command of our country.

A dear friend of mine sent  these posters and I want to share them with you. They bring back many memories of my boyhood, when the United States was considered a great country, and our president did not fly around the world apologizing for our actions. Quite the opposite, it was the rest of the world that was thanking us and our service people for their sacrifice.

When ever we see Obama bowing and apologizing, we the people should make him stand in the corner and read the history of the American Revolution, Spanish-American war, WW I, WWII, the Korean police action, the Viet Nam war, the war to liberate Kuwait, the war to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and the war in Afghanistan to put down the Taliban. When he is done with the history lesson, I would make him watch videos of the Muslim hijacked airplanes crashing into the World Trade Center, and the Pentagon.

He needs to understand that the millions of US soldiers that died were not dying for gain in those countries, but rather for the liberation of Peoples from tyranny.  He needs to understand that the U.S.A. dropped the bomb on Japan, not to be mean, but to end a war that would have gone on for several more years at the expense of millions of more lives.

What Obama needs to apologize for, is duping the citizenry of this great country into believing his hope and change was something other than socialism.

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