Stay Away From My Junk

Preposterous, why would the President of the United States of America subject himself to a security check before he gets on my airplane? He won’t because he feels secure being surrounded full-time by Secret Service and military people. Besides, he is a key player in the political elitist establishment of the Progressive movement. He is better that the rest of us.

With all that security, it is possible that he and the SS are over-confident. Who checks the man’s jockey shorts before he puts them on? He does send them out to be laundered does he not? The possibility of someone sewing a bomb into his shorts does exist. Does he possess enough street smarts to know that it he is wearing a bomb? How does he know the difference between a serious threat to his body, and a harmless prank of adding starch to his shorts perpetrated by his better half?

Anything is possible; highly unlikely, but possible.

The TSA should show up at Air Force 1 before his next trip and check him over the same way they are checking the one percent of flyers they claim they to be checking.

Some how, the logic of this new security procedure escapes me. If I recall accurately, every bomb on an airplane in the past ten years was carried by an alien mid-eastern man who just coincidentally practiced Islam.  So why then, is the TSA subjecting white American mothers and their grandchildren to a crotch and boob search?

One answer and maybe the only one, is that we don’t profile in the good old USA. Profiling violates a person civil liberties. Well, I think a physical body search violates the Constitution and my civil liberties too. But, who am I to complain? The TSA is working to keep me safe, and I should just keep my mouth shut. I must  allow the government to grope my private parts because they know I won’t send CAIR to defend me, and more importantly because I am white.

Mr President, I will go along with the program if you allow yourself to be groped each time you board my airplane.