America, the Totalitarian State of Obamism

            When I began watching mixed martial arts matches on the Versus channel, I saw it as the most brutal sport ever invented. It doesn’t seem like there are any rules but there are. In general two guys duke it out with each other in a virtual street brawl. Most of the fighters have a wrestling background and then learn jiu-jitsu or judo or some other Eastern fighting technique. Mix all of them together with boxing, and street fighting and you have a two-man war.

This sport is not for the squeemish, and I don’t recommend it if you are upset by the sight of blood and the infliction of pain. The sport reminds me of the scene in Washington at this time. There are two sides greatly polarized about their goals. One side wants to raise the debt limit, raise taxes, and spend more. The opposite side wants to cut the deficit, limit spending and lower taxes.

In the middle of this is a President who sides with the spend-more side, but keeps talking about reaching a bi-partisan agreement. Sure, the only agreement he will accept is one that contains more taxes, more spending, and no limit on the debt ceiling. What he means by bi-partisan is that members of both parties vote for it.

Anything short of his desire is considered to be a stubborn front by the “party of no.”

He seems to ignore the fact that the “party of no” is now his own. The Democrat Senate flat out rejected the Republican bill to cut spending, put a cap on the debt limit, and to balance the budget. They didn’t even consider the bill.

Who in his right fiscal mind would not see that proposal as one that will bring sensibility back to the country?

Just as an example try this experiment: Max out all of your credit cards, then go to the credit card companies and ask them to raise your debt limit.  What do you think they would say? Most likely, they would recommend you pay down your debt, and live within your means.

The President is again asking us to drink the cool-aid. He is telling us about the dire emergency and the consequences of not raising the debt ceiling.  “We can not afford to default.” Didn’t we hear that kind of rhetoric before when a state of urgency existed about bailing out banks and car companies that were too big to fail? He got us to buy into the TARP and the Stimulus with that bullshit, but after two years we begin to understand that the urgency didn’t really exist.

All I hear is that if we don’t do what he is asking, Standard and Poor’s will down rate our credit rating.  These are the same guys that gave Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac great reviews just days before the housing bubble collapsed. Who are they comparing us to, Greece? Maybe they are comparing us to China the country we gave our manufacturing wealth to. Perhaps it is Japan, Saudi Arabia, or Russia. Just who are we so afraid of?

As far as raising interest rates, all the President fears is that he will have less money to grow government.

I know, I know, it is Bush’s fault. He spent all that money on the Iraq war. So for that reason the voters punished the country by allowing their candidate to outspend Bush four to one in one eighth of the time. It makes sense doesn’t it?

The only reason Obama wants to rush this debt thing through is so he doesn’t loose the ground he gained in socializing the country.

The Tea Party people know what he is up to. They understand the consequences of debt default, but they also understand the consequences of transforming America into a Totalitarian State of Obamism

The current action  in Washington is as brutal as a mixed martial arts match, but didn’t Obama say he wanted to change the way things were done in Washington?

Shadow Government-Continued

This is a continuation of yesterday’s post What the Heck is a Shadow Government?

Do you know what these organizations are? I bet you have heard them mentioned in news articles and in advertising, and even received mail from them asking for money.

  1. Shadow Party
  2. The Project of Death in America
  3. Open Society Institute
  4. Pew Charitable Trusts
  5. National Public Radio
  6. ACORN
  7. American Supremacy no one problem facing world
  8. America Coming Together
  9. Center for American Progress, John Podesta


11. America Votes

12. Media Fund

13. Joint Victory Campaign 2004

14. The Thunder Road Group- Nerve center of Shadow Party

15. America Votes Coalition:

  1. ACORN
  2. AFL-CIO
  3. American Federation of Teachers
  4. The Association of Trial Lawyers
  5. The Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund
  6. Emily’s List
  7. Human Rights Campaign
  8. League of Conservation Voters
  9. NAACP
  10. NARAL
  11. Pro-Choice America
  12. National Education Association
  13. People for the American Way
  14. Planned Parenthood
  15. SEIU
  16. Sierra Club

16. Democracy Alliance

17. New Democrat Network

18. Air America

19. Colorado Democracy Alliance

20. Working For Us (SEIU)

21. Progressive Legislative Action Network (PLAN)

22. Secretary of State Project

23. Midwest Academy

24. J Street

George Soros initiated or funded all of the organizations listed.  Notice how the names do not indicate what their purpose is. Most are in business to funnel money toward leftist candidates, provide volunteers to campaigns for leftist candidates, formulate leftist policy, smear conservative candidates, stifle free speech, and in general to push very liberal ideas into the minds of people young and old for the purpose of transforming the country into a socialist state.

Here are some examples of Shadow Party successes:

  1. McCain-Feingold Act (Campaign Finance Reform) This law enabled the Shadow Party to wrestle control of money from the Democratic National Committee. The DNC now dances to the tunes of George Soros.
  2. Colorado Miracle, a major effort during the 2008 election in the state of Colorado to sway Independent and Republican votes to Obama. It is called Miracle because Colorado was traditionally a solid Republican state.
  3. Secretary of State Project. After the debacle in Florida between Gore and Bush in which the Republican Secretary of State, finally decided the election, Soros initiated a new effort called the Secretary of State Project which funnels money and resources into election campaigns of Democrat Secretary of States. Al Franken’s win in Minnesota is considered a success because of the Democrat Secretary of State elected via this project.
  4. Soros recommended the Stimulus package to Obama who bought it hook line and sinker.

Here is a partial list of Obama’s advisors:

  • Van Jones—Came from the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights a Soros supported organization.
  • Carol Browner, Environment Czar, served on the board of directors for three Soros funded organizations.
  • David Axelrod, Obama’s Advisor received money from the Shadow Party’s Media Fund.
  • Anna Burger, appointed to Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board came from the Democracy Alliance.
  • Kevin Jennings, Education Czar came from a Soros funded organization for gays.

Had Obama been honest with the American people and openly discussed his vision for transforming the greatest country in the world into a socialist state under the direction of George Soros he would have lost the election by ninety percent.

Now, because of his vague melodic campaign rhetoric, we are stuck with the man and his policies. Even if we elect a 100% conservative Republican President, Senate, and Congress in 2012, it will take us a 100 years to undo the damage inflicted by Obama and his radical socialist ilk.

I only wish I could live for another hundred years to continue the fight.

Go to

This website will reveal the facts much more completely than I have been able to do.

What the Heck is Shadow Government?

In March of 2010, I published a cartoon of Obama as a marionette being manipulated by George Soros. At the time, I was only suspicious of an alliance between the two, now I am convinced it is true.

What brings me to this realization? A little book (56 pp) titled “From Shadow Party to Shadow Government,” written by David Horowitz and John Perazzo.

The book was a gift from a very good friend. I’m not so sure how good he is anymore because after reading his gift twice, I do not sleep well.

Do you remember when Obama Care came to the Congress in it’s two thousand plus pages of glory? Did you ever wonder how Congress came up with such a complex document in so little time? Did you wonder how, if they had written the bill why none of the members knew what the heck was in it? I can ask the same questions about the TARP bill, and the Stimulus Bill and the answers all point to ”Shadow Government.”

A wicked man by the name of George Soros has been organizing and orchestrating a Shadow Party which would become the Shadow Government since before the Clinton Administration.  He has clandestinely established multiple organizations whose sole purpose is to overtake the U.S.A. and establish a totalitarian state. He allied himself with Obama in 2006 and has manipulated his agenda through the President ever since. George Soros is in Obama’s head.

This little book exposes twenty-eight organizations founded or funded by George Soros. Most are an part of the Shadow Party.

Another question mulling through my feeble mind, where did Obama come up with the weirdo’s he appointed as czars? The answer is, they came from the many Soros organizations referred to above.

Before I started writing this post, I checked out David Horowitz. It turns out his parents were Marxist, and he had Marxist leanings himself. Somewhere in his life he rejected Marxism and now champions against all form of Marxism. Mr. Horowitz sees George Soros as a man committed to transforming America into a totalitarian state.  In other words, George Soros is EVIL.

The people of the Tea Party can see it and feel it. They sense the transformation toward Marxism. They want no part of it. They want to retake America and reestablish the core values that make America great. They see Obama taking us down piece by piece. Obama, and his brain George Soros also see that. Did you ever wonder why there is such a huge movement to discredit the Tea Party Movement and Conservatives like Chris Christie, Herman Cain, Ron Paul, Sarah Palin, and Michelle Bachman? These are the kind of Americans the Progressive movement fears the most.

If you are any bit curious about the issues raised above, check out this website:        http://       If the facts presented there do not scare you just a little, you may be a member of the Shadow Party.

China Must Pay the Price for Growth

Spy novels always catch my interest. I’ve read a number of Tom Clancy novels, and gave them up because they began to sound the same. This month, I selected a non-fiction spy story. David Wise chronicles the escapades of the war to steal secrets between China and the U.S.A. The Chinese were a closed society for five thousand years, and as such are somewhat behind in modern technology, especially war technology. Chairman Mao forced them  into communism. They continued as a closed socialist society. When Nixon made the move to open the West to China it changed everything; the secret stealing began. China is in hyper drive to gain knowledge without paying for it with money and time. Their wish is to compete as a modern war nation now.

This story would be totally dull if it weren’t for our FBI. Without giving away the details, the agent in charge of Bureau’s Los Angeles office was a one man agency. He recruited a Chinese woman to spy for us. A great idea, except she worked for the Chinese government. Add to the mix a love affair between our guy and their girl. They continued the affair for twenty years; what a mess. One affair wasn’t complex enough, so the China doll befriended the San Francisco agent to make it into a four-way affair: her, her husband, the Los Angeles Agent, and the San Francisco Agent. Most women are happy to take care of one man, this woman seemed to thrive on three. The best kept secret in the world was this affair.

Needless to say, too many classified memos and information passed to China.  The whole affair finally became known to officials and the shit hit the fan, heads were to roll. The government prosecuted the agents, but the military didn’t want any of the secrets to come out in court and become really public.  Most of it was swept under the table. Kind of makes a citizen want to bust into Washington with both guns loaded.

David Wise ends the story by revealing some of the cyber spying that is happening now. Most of it comes from China and attacks our CIA, and military. We read stories about hacking almost daily. There is a ninety-nine percent chance it is from China. What I got from the book, was that the Chinese will learn all they want from Chinese turned US citizens who want to help their  homeland, and from US born citizens who get pissed at a boss. Wise cannot show much of the stuff the U.S.A. gets from China, or what they have gotten from us unless it is public. None of the parties want the public humiliation that comes with the revelations.

Nixon did us a huge favor by opening the East to Western trade. It took us thirty years to export our manufacturing to China, and they are happy to take it from us. Now they want us to give them our military technology as well. At the rate Obama is borrowing money from China, they will own the info and demand we produce what ever it is they want.

My boss of forty years made us work under some strict security rules. My workplace was so tight, our vendors joked about it all the time. I told them our biggest secret is that we don’t have any secrets. Our leader, however, paid a big price for successful processes; he wanted his competition to pay for their own development.

I recall once setting up a trip for an engineer to go to one of our vendors. I wanted him to learn how they made a particular product, so we could use the information in a major development project. Our leader got wind of it and I got in big trouble for suggesting such a stupid idea. Not only did I get whacked on the side of the head, I got my ass kicked and lived in the dog house for some time.  Later, I learned that my plan was illegal and Big did not condone it. What can I say, the man taught me many lessons, one was ethics in business.

The U.S.A. needs to adhere to the same strict rules of security and ethics.

Crane Meadows Grade-A Best

Yesterday, I had the wonderful pleasure of celebrating my youngest grandchild’s sixth birthday. He is a beautiful child who lives on a farm with horses. In fact he and his older brother have a unique pet named Buddy. Buddy is a pony. How cool is that?

This is the simplest way I can describe the process of making compost. Buddy has three friends in the barn with him. Together they form the foundation for an amazing process that turns hay into rich organic compost. The brown machine has a little help from farmers who harvest the grass and make it into hay. At the end, they get more help from the farmer who completes the process by aerating and aging the raw material that forms the basic ingredient of compost.

These photos best describe how Crane Meadows Farm produces Grade-A organic compost that every gardener covets.

Crane Meadows Farm begins with rich green alfalfa; harvested, dried, and baled.

Kitty, the barn cat, zealously guards the raw material headed for the compost process.

Buddy and friends eagerly grind the hay to begin the process.

What we don't want to be.

The brown machine digests the hay and exhausts raw pellets ready for the next step.

Pellets stacked and ready for the next step.

The raw pellets move to bin-one for three months of aging.

The pellet mash transfers to bin-two for aeration, and another three months of aging.

The mash moves to bin-three. Note the color and texture change after nine months.

Farmer Steve tests the one year old shovel ready Crane Meadow’s Grade-A Product.

Farmer Steve loads Grade-A into transport modules.

Grade-A packaged and ready for shipment via long distance carrier.

Transport modules loaded on the Death Star for the long haul.

Horticultural material nourished with Crane Meadow’s Grade-A compost.