Shadow Government-Continued

This is a continuation of yesterday’s post What the Heck is a Shadow Government?

Do you know what these organizations are? I bet you have heard them mentioned in news articles and in advertising, and even received mail from them asking for money.

  1. Shadow Party
  2. The Project of Death in America
  3. Open Society Institute
  4. Pew Charitable Trusts
  5. National Public Radio
  6. ACORN
  7. American Supremacy no one problem facing world
  8. America Coming Together
  9. Center for American Progress, John Podesta


11. America Votes

12. Media Fund

13. Joint Victory Campaign 2004

14. The Thunder Road Group- Nerve center of Shadow Party

15. America Votes Coalition:

  1. ACORN
  2. AFL-CIO
  3. American Federation of Teachers
  4. The Association of Trial Lawyers
  5. The Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund
  6. Emily’s List
  7. Human Rights Campaign
  8. League of Conservation Voters
  9. NAACP
  10. NARAL
  11. Pro-Choice America
  12. National Education Association
  13. People for the American Way
  14. Planned Parenthood
  15. SEIU
  16. Sierra Club

16. Democracy Alliance

17. New Democrat Network

18. Air America

19. Colorado Democracy Alliance

20. Working For Us (SEIU)

21. Progressive Legislative Action Network (PLAN)

22. Secretary of State Project

23. Midwest Academy

24. J Street

George Soros initiated or funded all of the organizations listed.  Notice how the names do not indicate what their purpose is. Most are in business to funnel money toward leftist candidates, provide volunteers to campaigns for leftist candidates, formulate leftist policy, smear conservative candidates, stifle free speech, and in general to push very liberal ideas into the minds of people young and old for the purpose of transforming the country into a socialist state.

Here are some examples of Shadow Party successes:

  1. McCain-Feingold Act (Campaign Finance Reform) This law enabled the Shadow Party to wrestle control of money from the Democratic National Committee. The DNC now dances to the tunes of George Soros.
  2. Colorado Miracle, a major effort during the 2008 election in the state of Colorado to sway Independent and Republican votes to Obama. It is called Miracle because Colorado was traditionally a solid Republican state.
  3. Secretary of State Project. After the debacle in Florida between Gore and Bush in which the Republican Secretary of State, finally decided the election, Soros initiated a new effort called the Secretary of State Project which funnels money and resources into election campaigns of Democrat Secretary of States. Al Franken’s win in Minnesota is considered a success because of the Democrat Secretary of State elected via this project.
  4. Soros recommended the Stimulus package to Obama who bought it hook line and sinker.

Here is a partial list of Obama’s advisors:

  • Van Jones—Came from the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights a Soros supported organization.
  • Carol Browner, Environment Czar, served on the board of directors for three Soros funded organizations.
  • David Axelrod, Obama’s Advisor received money from the Shadow Party’s Media Fund.
  • Anna Burger, appointed to Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board came from the Democracy Alliance.
  • Kevin Jennings, Education Czar came from a Soros funded organization for gays.

Had Obama been honest with the American people and openly discussed his vision for transforming the greatest country in the world into a socialist state under the direction of George Soros he would have lost the election by ninety percent.

Now, because of his vague melodic campaign rhetoric, we are stuck with the man and his policies. Even if we elect a 100% conservative Republican President, Senate, and Congress in 2012, it will take us a 100 years to undo the damage inflicted by Obama and his radical socialist ilk.

I only wish I could live for another hundred years to continue the fight.

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