Ford, Carnegie, Pew Are All Spinning In Their Graves

Obama Bought and Paid For

I got a good laugh this morning when I Googled The New Leviathan, How the Left Wing Money Machine Shapes American Politics and America’s Future. It is a book I am reading and has kept me up at night, and when I finally do fall asleep it gives me nightmares. One of the authors, David Horowitz is a respected spokesman for American exceptionalism.  David was born to parents who lived and breathed Communist Socialism. They raised David as a Socialist. He saw the light in his adult years and renounced socialism for freedom and liberty. I respect what he says about communists and socialists in America because he has lived in their shoes. His website Horowitz Freedom Center is on my blogroll and I recommend you visit his site to learn his story. He is a patriot dedicated to restoring our country to greatness.

Why does this book keep me awake? I always wondered where Obama got a billion dollars to run his campaign for the Presidency, and now I know. He was sponsored by a huge complex of philanthropic organizations who seem to be dedicated to destroying America by turning it into a Progressive State (Progressive is the new word used to describe Liberal=Socialism=Communism=everyone is equal in all respects).

First let me explain something, I always respected philanthropic organizations like the Ford Foundation, Pew Foundation, Carnegie Foundation, John D. Rockefeller Foundation, and more. All of them were founded by men who embraced Capitalism and made tons of money from providing goods and services the country needed and desired. All of them established foundations to give back to the community. Many of them established goals for their trusts to sponsor and fund causes that promoted free market economies. What happened? The men died as did their conservative board members. New board members came into leadership and many were leftists. They in turn, replaced remaining conservative board members with leftists. The new left leaning boards shifted the goals completely toward Socialist or Progressive causes. They have been spending millions on transforming America into a Progressive State. since the 1960’s when this shift occurred.

All along I have wondered where Obama’s message of Hope and Change came from and what it meant. Reading this book makes it very clear that he is bought, paid for, and delivered by these organizations.

I give the authors, Jacob Laskin and David Horowitz credit in unraveling a hugely complex mechanism with hundreds of interconnections and as many agendas in a way that makes it understandable. During my reading, I kept a notebook at my side and noted the many organizations within this complex. In one chapter alone, I listed forty-two different philantropys and organizations initiated by them. All sound  very American and legitimate. No one can decipher that these organizations have goals to turn the USA into a Socialist State. They have hundreds of thousands of contributors (that explains where all Obama’s votes came from) and multi-millions of dollars in assets. THEY ARE THE ONE PERCENT.

Every weird idea coming from the government today, including czars can be traced to one or more of these organizations. The attack on American Exceptionalism, Open Borders, Global Warming, Reduce US Military Supremacy, Gun Control, Close Guantanamo, Cap and Trade, Healthcare, all trace to their agendas.

What is even scarier is that these  philantropys are tax exempt, even though they are highly partisan and promote and give to political parties without even attempting to hide the fact. Where is Congress? Most likely on their payrolls.

Now back to Google. One of the items I found was on Media Matters titled Ten Errors, distortions and Falsehoods in Leviathan. I read it to see what they were talking about.

Media Matters is technically correct on each of the ten items, but let me give you an example:

They cite a passage from the book which refers to ACORN in the present tense. Yes, ACORN had to change its name because they were caught doing a lot of stupid illegal stuff. They did not go away though, they reorganized and changed their name to Community Organizations International (COI). Yes, the authors distorted that fact by calling the COI by its historical name of ACORN. That is the same as calling the Willis Tower in Chicago, that no one knows, by the historical name Sears Tower which everyone knows. The remaining nine challenges are equally stupid, but George Soros knows he has to destroy the information in this book or the millions of dollars he invested in buying Obama is lost.

I give this book five stars for making a complex topic somewhat simple to understand, and I give authors Jacob Laskin and David Horowitz a thousand stars for the courage to expose this attack on the American people.

Rich Capitalists are Evil, Rich Leftists are Good

Kool-Aid, Political Speak for Believe Me It’s The Right Thing To Do.

The lies and deceit are beginning to come out. I’ve read two books about Obama and the authors have dug deep into records and conducted interviews to mine the information about Obama’s past. He is a pathological liar. Or, his memory is very short. In the book The New Leviathan, How the Left Wing Money Machine Shapes American Politics and Threatens America’s Future by Jacob Laksin and David Horowitz the authors make endless points about how Obama’s relationships with known radicals was more than someone who lived on his block.

What is scarier than all of Obama’s training by Left Wing groups is the amount of money these organizations have to work with. They are the 1%. Some of them, like Bill Gates of Microsoft fame and George Soros of Nazi Germany fame are among the richest people in the world. Others are Charitable Trusts like the Pew Foundation. The Pew Foundation came into existence because a very rich and conservative businessman wanted a legacy. He founded a trust to fulfill his wishes. After he died his organization became infiltrated with Leftists who have managed to take over the organization. So the Charitable Trust founded to give all organizations and causes a fair chance in the world has been hi-jacked and turned into one that pushes leftist agendas exclusively. Even the Catholic Church feeds money into leftist efforts through their Campaign for Human Development.

It’s obvious why Obama has spent so much money hiding his record. Back in 2008, I wrote pieces inferring Obama was Socialist. I sensed it in the way he spoke and after reading his book, Dreams From My Father. By 2009 I wrote that he is a Socialist and began inferring he is Communist. By 2011, my tone changed to he is a Communist. The facts coming to light back me up completly. I agree, had he allowed his records open he would not be President today.

In 2008, I read Cloward-Pivens strategy on how to bring America into socialism. These two nutcake liberals devised a plan to overload the welfare system and to bankrupt America. When the country goes bankrupt and everyone’s money is worthless we will all depend on government for a lively hood. Every move Obama makes is to execute that plan. Why else would he want open borders? Why else would he want amnesty for illegals? Why else did he push so hard for Health Care? Why else does he pay so little attention to jobs and the economy? Why else does he push people into the food stamp program? Obama is also behind the movement to keep voter registration loose. He was instrumental in enacting the Illinois Motor-Voter law; sign up for a driver’s license and register to vote too. They never ask for proof of citizenship when you get a driver’s license. Why does he not want registered voters to show proof of identity at the polls, but requires an ID to get into one of his fund-raisers? If you don’t see the pattern here, you are drinking the Kool-Aid.

Obama demonized big business but hides his relationships with the really big money behind all the Leftist organizations that put him in power. Have you ever wondered why and where he got a billion dollars for his campaign to become president? He wants us to believe it was from people like you and me sending him five bucks over the internet.

If ever there was a time to become politically involved now is it. We need everyone, and I mean everyone in the country to become actively engaged in working for conservative candidates to run the country. If we fail, we become slaves to big government


What the Heck is Shadow Government?

In March of 2010, I published a cartoon of Obama as a marionette being manipulated by George Soros. At the time, I was only suspicious of an alliance between the two, now I am convinced it is true.

What brings me to this realization? A little book (56 pp) titled “From Shadow Party to Shadow Government,” written by David Horowitz and John Perazzo.

The book was a gift from a very good friend. I’m not so sure how good he is anymore because after reading his gift twice, I do not sleep well.

Do you remember when Obama Care came to the Congress in it’s two thousand plus pages of glory? Did you ever wonder how Congress came up with such a complex document in so little time? Did you wonder how, if they had written the bill why none of the members knew what the heck was in it? I can ask the same questions about the TARP bill, and the Stimulus Bill and the answers all point to ”Shadow Government.”

A wicked man by the name of George Soros has been organizing and orchestrating a Shadow Party which would become the Shadow Government since before the Clinton Administration.  He has clandestinely established multiple organizations whose sole purpose is to overtake the U.S.A. and establish a totalitarian state. He allied himself with Obama in 2006 and has manipulated his agenda through the President ever since. George Soros is in Obama’s head.

This little book exposes twenty-eight organizations founded or funded by George Soros. Most are an part of the Shadow Party.

Another question mulling through my feeble mind, where did Obama come up with the weirdo’s he appointed as czars? The answer is, they came from the many Soros organizations referred to above.

Before I started writing this post, I checked out David Horowitz. It turns out his parents were Marxist, and he had Marxist leanings himself. Somewhere in his life he rejected Marxism and now champions against all form of Marxism. Mr. Horowitz sees George Soros as a man committed to transforming America into a totalitarian state.  In other words, George Soros is EVIL.

The people of the Tea Party can see it and feel it. They sense the transformation toward Marxism. They want no part of it. They want to retake America and reestablish the core values that make America great. They see Obama taking us down piece by piece. Obama, and his brain George Soros also see that. Did you ever wonder why there is such a huge movement to discredit the Tea Party Movement and Conservatives like Chris Christie, Herman Cain, Ron Paul, Sarah Palin, and Michelle Bachman? These are the kind of Americans the Progressive movement fears the most.

If you are any bit curious about the issues raised above, check out this website:        http://       If the facts presented there do not scare you just a little, you may be a member of the Shadow Party.

Who Cares About Jobs?

A good friend handed me a booklet titled “Breaking the System, Obama’s Strategy for Change,” authored by David Horowitz, and Liz Blaine. It took all of ten minutes to read the informative, but scary facts.  Basically, the author describes how the Cloward-Piven theory of overloading the welfare system is actually working. Blaine makes numerous references on how Barack Obama is using the principles to transform America.

I became exposed to the Cloward-Piven principle in July, 2009 when I wrote my piece titled Radical Overload.

The principle is so simple, yet seems to be so effective in heading us toward total government control. By itself, it is merely a strategy. What has made it evil are leaders with names like Clinton, and  Obama who embrace it. How can we be so stupid as a nation as to allow ourselves to be duped into letting a choker-leash be put around our necks?

I thought about current events and came to realize that Barack Obama is not really interested in creating jobs, or fixing the economy. He is smart enough to know that nothing the government has ever done to fix the economy has worked. The economy corrects itself with time. Meanwhile, he uses the high unemployment rates and the lousy business climate to his advantage. By extending unemployment benefits, he is training millions of new people to depend on the government and ultimately onto the welfare rolls. It is helping him transform the country toward socialism under the cover of helping those without jobs. As he soulfully asks conservatives if they are willing to let millions of unemployed go hungry, he has been busy regulating business. The new rules make it harder for business to turn things around. He has also used the economy and the use of the word ‘jobs’ to hide the fact that he has quietly refunded ACORN, an instrument of his transformation.

The president is resistant to fix the illegal immigration problem because he wants the flood of illegals to overload government agencies. Anything that overloads the system is a step toward his objective of total government control. Do you realize that the motor-voter law allows one to register to vote when he gets his driver’s license? Has anyone ever asked you to show proof of citizenship when you apply for a driver’s license?  This slick little loop-hole allows any illegal who can get a driver’s license to get a ticket to vote too. Doesn’t that right belong to legal citizens only?

Obama has left Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac unregulated and untouched. WHY? Because he needs them to continue overloading the system. None of our elected representatives will take responsibility for the housing bubble, but it is they who created the conditions and encouraged banks to make sub-prime loans. They will argue that they didn’t have anything to do with making bad loans, but didn’t our presidents and our representatives pass and sign into law the Community Reinvestment Act? Does that count for anything? Our reps basically underwrote every bad loan without any legislation and authorization to do so. By the way, ACORN played a big role in pressuring banks to make sub-prime loans alongside our leaders.

What will happen if the country goes bankrupt, and millions more are dependent on the system? If the government has no money, they begin printing dollars. The flood of extra cash devalues the dollar and puts a burden on all of us. Think about paying ten dollars, or more, for a loaf of bread, or a gallon of milk. Those commodities did not become more valuable, but your money has lost its value and it takes more dollars to buy the necessities. Seniors living on a fixed income will be the first to suffer. Next, will be those with low paying jobs. Eventually, even those who make big money will live the life of the social utopian.

When the government has printed so many dollars that cash is virtually worthless, how will it continue to finance its debt?  They probably won’t worry about paying the debt, but they will have 400,000,000 people to take care of. A lot of them are fat-cat-government-workers whom they will care for before they worry about us. Where will they get the money? Tax the rich. The rich will pay taxes paid with worthless money. Does that work?

It is my guess that Uncle will look at your nest egg. It could be your 401K, but by this time it has probably evaporated. No, they won’t want worthless money or paper vehicles like stocks and bonds, they will go after real things like buildings, land, resources, businesses, banks, factories, oil companies, etc. At this point we have entered the realm of marxist-socialism and Uncle owns your soul.

Read the booklet titled “Breaking the System, Obama’s Strategy for Change,” by David Horowitz and Liz Blaine. Click on the link, you can download the entire twenty page booklet.

After you read it, tell me if you are not convinced that Obama’s transformation of America is not happening, and that it is not based on the marxist Cloward-Piven strategy.

Better yet, tell me if you want to live in a marxist country.

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