Tree of Life

Ask me why I haven’t added entries into my web log this week. It’s simple. Christmas is coming. Yes, Christmas spelled with CHRIST. No sooner had the family left from Thanksgiving, then Grandma Peggy and I sprung into action. Let’s be honest though, sprung is not the correct word. It was more like a slow and easy if we don’t get it done today, there is tomorrow approach.

I’ll show examples of our accomplishments throughout December. Amongst my proudest accomplishments was re-assembling my Christmas Tree of Life. The idea is not original, it is based on a very old Navaho Indian rug.

The concept is simple, decorate the tree with ornaments that represent life forms. My tree has flowers, birds, butterflies, and some panda bears. Many of the ornaments were made with tender loving care by my Grand-elves in 1999-2000.

The solitude of decoration brought back memories of another life. This was a typical November day, with low dark clouds and off and on again drizzle that sometime turned to snow. The lights on the tree gave me the lift I needed to offset the dreariness of November 30, 2010.

Here it is partially completed.

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  1. Love the Christmas spelled with CHRIST! The tree is beautiful Grumpa Joe!

  2. Outstanding. Merry Christmas.

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