Terrorism by Fire

I’ve heard of Baptism by Fire, but never Terrorism by Fire, yet here is a video which specifically cites Al Qaeda as the arsonist on several forest fires in California this year. Why haven’t we heard this reported by any of the news organizations including Fox?

In a million years, I would never have visioned a forest fire as a way to inflict economic damage and terror. Yet, when I hear it reported, it makes logical sense. I have to hand it to al Qaeda for dreaming up this one. I wonder if the al Qaeda members who started the known fires entered the USA by walking across our Southern borders unchallenged and abetted by Obama and his policy to ignore the existing immigration laws.

“We the People” certainly need to change the leader of the country with someone who cares about America and can relate to war, and it is not Hillary.



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  1. I was up in Colorado with my daughter and grandchildren a block away form the Black Forrest…
    never have I seen such a fire burn so fast….we were headed to Royal Gorge coming back from Denver when I saw the smoke, we went back to the hotel…the night before there was a fire at the AF Academy ( we were on the otherside of the freeway) it was said to be dry lightning…makes me wonder now…
    This was an interesting video…Thanks for sharing ….
    Take Care…

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