Tea Party Express–New Lenox, IL

TeaParty_20090907_190Tea Party Express Staff and ScheduleThis Labor Day was the most unusual I have ever spent. I participated in a Tea Party Express rally in New Lenox, a small town just west of Frankfort. A few years ago, the population of New Lenox, IL was around four thousand. Today it has around sixteen thousand. What happened yesterday, jammed the town and all the public facilities. People came from all around the southwest side of Chicago to protest big government taking over our liberties. This is Obama’s backyard, yet the people here feel betrayed by the man. His promise of change was sold under the banner of something good for the country. It is not, and we see it for what it is. The man needs to be impeached before he wrecks the constitution and the country. We also need to impeach Dickie Durbin, and Debbie Halvorson. They are rubber stamping Obamaphites of the enth magnitude. They don’t  read, challenge, or debate anything the man promotes. They just vote yes for everything despite major input from their constituents to the contrary. They know better than the six million voters of Illinois.

The rally was peaceful. We opened with the pledge of allegiance to the flag; novel concept right? The crowd placed great emphasis on the word God during the pledge. I heard estimates of eight thousand and ten thousand people crowding the grassy entertainment bowl. We had to park a mile away. The weather was perfect this time. The speakers were passionate, and told their personal stories about how they became involved. All of them were tired of doing nothing as they watched our elected representatives do the opposite of their requests. None of them had any experience in politics or in organizing a political rally, but their passion to do something drove them to make the effort to create a difference.

There were ten thousand people objecting to big government, over spending, abuse of the constitution, government run health care, and high taxes. Only six protesters, who were in favor of  health care reform, showed themselves. All of them were civilized. One was a respectable elderly black man, and the rest were middle aged ladies. All held up pre-printed signs (shown below). 

I looked for news regarding the event and found a report from ABC channel seven news at five o’clock. Their report was accurate, but was marred with a closing statement by Joe Biden (I didnt see him there.) about how well the stimulus is working, and how the unemployed are receiving unemployment compensation.

It was told to me that ABC network news reported the crowd to be a few hundred people who were rowdy.

I commend and thank Tim Kraulidis for planning this great event.

The pictures tell the true story.

If You Want Frustration(edited)

My Flag Flies Everyday

My Flag Flies Everyday

With all the discussion and debate about the Health Care Reform bill, I decided to download the bill HR 3200 for some late night reading. My computer is relatively new. It has an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, and a 4 gigabyte RAM, with a hard drive sized for the future. I connect to the internet through a cable network.  This is clearly the fastest system I have ever owned.  I couldn’t believe what happened when I began the download of HR 3200. The system froze. Seven minutes later I was able to move the curs er around on the screen. I had a call from Peggy to  help with something, so I saved the file to my hard drive. It froze again, but I left the room, and it didn’t bother me.

Today, I opened the file to read the bill. It took seven minutes to open the file on my own machine. When it was completed, I couldn’t scroll down or move the pages much less read anything . If you believe your Senator or Congressman is reading this bill you are more naive than I am. I consider myself pretty good at using a PC, and I’m sure I can out do Senator Roland Burris, and even Senator Dick Durbin on PC usage. I also feel like I’m light years ahead of Debbie Halvorson. The only way these people are reading this bill is if it has been printed out for them.

If you think I am kidding, go to the government website and try downloading the bill yourself. If I am wrong, let me know how to do it right.


My son Mike read this post and downloaded HR 3200 in a few seconds. He Googled HR 3200 and selected the first government website on the list . He snet it to me via e-mail, and I was able to open it as easily as he downloaded it.

When technology works it is beautiful. When it doesn’t, it’s frustrating.

Dear Representative Halvorson:

This is my response to a letter received from State of Illinois Representative Deborah Halvorson.(Her letter is included below in it’s entirety.)
Dear Representative Halvorson.
The so called stimulus bill is nothing more than a gift to Obama to implement his campaign promises. It will not stimulate the economy. You are wrong in your decision. Time will tell. I don’t believe you or the Senate is responsible enough to spend the money wisely. You will spend the money to stay in office.
Here are my recommendations to you and your group:
1. Take a salary cut of 50% as a show of leadership and example.
2. Pass legislation to limit congressional and senate service to two terms maximum.
3. Pass legislation to make it mandatory to have one Democratic and one Republican Senator from each state.
4. Pass legislation to split the House of Representative to  fifty fifty between Republicans and Democrats. In states where there is an odd number of congressmen, give the odd man to the party of the majority.
5. Pass an ethics bill that is effective, and will fire Congressmen and  Senators who are found to violate any provision of the bill..
6. Reduce the size of all governrnent departments by 20%. The private sector is cutting jobs like crazy, but the government never cuts. This is totally unfair.
7. Instead of spending money, try paying off the deficit. Bill Clinton did that and according to him the economy flourished.
8. Cut out using the government aircraft for travel. Use only commercial carriers; the President included.
9. Balance the federal budget. When tax income does not cover expenses, cut spending to balance what we have.
10. Pass legislation to eliminate spending  federal money on abortion and contraception.
11. Do not pass any legislation unless there is a provision in it to find money to pay for it
You see Representative Halvorson, I don’t buy anything you stand for.
Please resign to minimize further embarrassment to the citizens of Illinois. 
Grumpa Joe

Thank you for contacting me regarding your opposition to the economic recovery legislation recently passed by Congress. I appreciate hearing from you on this important matter. I understand many of your concerns regarding this legislation. Even supporters of the economic recovery plan acknowledge that it is not perfect, however, legislation resulting from compromise and negotiation rarely is. Like you, I am worried by the high price tag of the plan, but there are safeguards in the bill to ensure that the money will be spent wisely. The plan contains no earmarks and taxpayers will be able to track expenditures on a public website.


We are in the midst of the most severe economic crisis in decades. In some communities in our district, the unemployment rate has already reached double digits. I have heard from many constituents who are struggling to pay their bills and to feed their families. We need urgent action to start addressing the crisis. Economists across the ideological spectrum estimate that the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act will create or save over 3 million jobs. This goal will be reached by investing in our country’s urgent infrastructure and energy needs. Throughout the 11th Congressional District, there are aging schools that need renovation, crumbling roads and bridges that need repair and rural communities that lack access to modern high speed internet. By investing in infrastructure projects that will address these needs we will create new jobs in Illinois and throughout the country.


The economic recovery plan also includes one of the largest tax cuts in American history. By providing significant tax relief that will put money in the pockets of 95% of working Americans, the plan will once again start growing our economy. The road to economic recovery will not be easy. History has shown us that big problems often require big solutions. The recovery plan is expensive, but this is the price we will have to pay to turn our economy around.


Again, thank you for contacting me. I always appreciate receiving feedback from my constituents. Please feel free to contact me again in the future regarding any matter of concern to you. Also, please visit my website, http://www.house.gov/halvorson, for regular updates on what is happening in Congress.





Debbie Halvorson


My Flag Flies Everyday

My Flag Flies Everyday

Greatness to Mediocrity In Three Weeks Flat

Dear Senators Durbin, Burris and Representative Halvorson:    Congratulations! You and your colleagues have proudly drafted and passed a bill that is the foundation for the destruction of the United States of America. This bill is not a stimulus but rather a stepping stone to socialism. It will take the United States from “Greatness to Mediocrity.”


Why are you sneakily adding Barack Obama’s campaign promises into reality by fear mongering the poor economy?

There is too little in the bill to actually stimulate the economy.

Why is there money in the bill for health care? What does my health have to do with stimulating the economy? There is also the little thing about giving you and the bureaucracy the power to decide what medical treatment a person will be allowed. Senator, I hope you and your family are also covered by this provision, but I pray you will never be faced with having the bureaucracy decide treatment for you.

Have you read the entire bill? Has anyone in either of the houses done so? The president is asking us to sacrifice. If this is such an urgent necessity, why do you fail to lead by example with self sacrifices? Why doesn’t the bill include a pay cut for all federal employees; yourself included?

Why isn’t there more in the bill to allow me to keep money to spend?

Why isn’t the bill loaded with incentives to make business flourish?

Why is there so much money included for Community Organizers?

Why is there an internal “Earmark” to build a rail line between Los Angeles and Las Vegas?

Why is there such a rush to pass this bill? I respect the president for giving you a deadline to get it done, but in the rush you are recklessly spending away the future of my country.

I have completely lost all confidence in you, and your ability to represent me. Obviously, you have not listened to your constituency by voting for this debacle called stimulus.

As far as I am concerned you are not my representative anymore.

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