Which Will It Be? Human Potential, Or Human Destruction?

Abraham Maslow created a theory which is presented graphically with the pyramid shown at the left in the cartoon below.  His theory is broadly taught in classes about human potential and motivation. I for one, strongly agree with his analysis. When a person is hungry, and cold without food or shelter, it is very hard for him to think about finding himself. All he thinks about is where the next meal is coming from. My life has closely followed this pyramid of needs. I am first now, at age seventy-something working at self actualization. It wasn’t easy to get to this point in life, and now I see a threat to my actually reaching the top of the pyramid. The threat is the “Wedge of Destruction,” as shown in the right panel of the cartoon. It represents the complete opposite of the pyramid of needs. It is a reverse pyramid, balanced on its tip. It is bound to fail, but not without destroying the USA in the process. We are headed toward becoming a “banana republic” which is mediocrity at its best. Let’s continue to redistribute the wealth, lose  liberties, and allow the government to make us wards of the state by complete submission.

Maslow's Pyriamid Of Need vs Obama's Wedge of Destruction

Greatness to Mediocrity In Three Weeks Flat

Dear Senators Durbin, Burris and Representative Halvorson:    Congratulations! You and your colleagues have proudly drafted and passed a bill that is the foundation for the destruction of the United States of America. This bill is not a stimulus but rather a stepping stone to socialism. It will take the United States from “Greatness to Mediocrity.”


Why are you sneakily adding Barack Obama’s campaign promises into reality by fear mongering the poor economy?

There is too little in the bill to actually stimulate the economy.

Why is there money in the bill for health care? What does my health have to do with stimulating the economy? There is also the little thing about giving you and the bureaucracy the power to decide what medical treatment a person will be allowed. Senator, I hope you and your family are also covered by this provision, but I pray you will never be faced with having the bureaucracy decide treatment for you.

Have you read the entire bill? Has anyone in either of the houses done so? The president is asking us to sacrifice. If this is such an urgent necessity, why do you fail to lead by example with self sacrifices? Why doesn’t the bill include a pay cut for all federal employees; yourself included?

Why isn’t there more in the bill to allow me to keep money to spend?

Why isn’t the bill loaded with incentives to make business flourish?

Why is there so much money included for Community Organizers?

Why is there an internal “Earmark” to build a rail line between Los Angeles and Las Vegas?

Why is there such a rush to pass this bill? I respect the president for giving you a deadline to get it done, but in the rush you are recklessly spending away the future of my country.

I have completely lost all confidence in you, and your ability to represent me. Obviously, you have not listened to your constituency by voting for this debacle called stimulus.

As far as I am concerned you are not my representative anymore.


Nothing is impossible (at least that does not violate the laws of physics). When you can..violate the laws of physics!

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