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All I hear about is a balanced approach when it comes to deciding how to deal with America’s budget, deficit, and spending. What I have seen happen is different. The balance goes this way:

The President proposes tax increases, and Congress rubber stamps it; see it is balanced!

My proposal is this:

I will willingly pay more taxes if I get a law that holds the entire 535 members of our government, President included, responsible for the fiscal responsibility of the country. What that means is that we fire all 535 without pensions if they fail to balance the budget and run without a deficit each year they are in office. I also propose that past legislators who are no longer in office who had anything even remotely to do with a budget failure lose their pensions immediately.

I also propose the President be limited in the amount of travel he may take. With modern technology being what it is there is absolutely no reason for him to leave the oval office to do business of any kind. In other words let him work like most private sector workers. Remember the traveling salesman? He doesn’t travel too much anymore. He does business via the internet, and a smart phone.

The President should speak to foreign leaders via Skype, or face to face via his desk top computer. All meetings are done via “Go to Meeting.” Since the Divided States of America is the world’s richest and strongest nation it should use its technology to become the world’s most efficient government as well. Efficiency must become the by-word. The 535 must work diligently to cut costs by reducing the workforce not by increasing it. We must amend the Constitution to add Government Productivity as a requirement. Congressional leaders will receive million dollar bonuses for cost reducing a bureaucracy by a billion dollars or more. Now that is balance folks, cut costs get a bonus. The old carrot on a stick concept at its finest.

Instead of using these tried-and-true principles, the 535 will try to outsmart one another with new weasel-words intended to confuse and bewilder the rest of us.

My good friend Al spent considerable time last week researching what our real debt is. He came up with ninety-trillion dollars. It took a lot of red wine  before he came up with a balanced solution. Here is the easy math: Divide 90,000,000,000,000 by 300,000,000. What is your answer? Mine is three hundred thousand. The solution is for each person living in the DSA to pay $300,000 to the Treasury toward all the unfunded pensions and commitments of the 535.  That is the fairest way to solve the problem and to start with the new ideas proposed above. For a family of five that is a mere one and a half million dollars. You can do it, I know you can.

US annual federal deficits 1901 to 2006

US annual federal deficits 1901 to 2006 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear Representative Halvorson:

This is my response to a letter received from State of Illinois Representative Deborah Halvorson.(Her letter is included below in it’s entirety.)
Dear Representative Halvorson.
The so called stimulus bill is nothing more than a gift to Obama to implement his campaign promises. It will not stimulate the economy. You are wrong in your decision. Time will tell. I don’t believe you or the Senate is responsible enough to spend the money wisely. You will spend the money to stay in office.
Here are my recommendations to you and your group:
1. Take a salary cut of 50% as a show of leadership and example.
2. Pass legislation to limit congressional and senate service to two terms maximum.
3. Pass legislation to make it mandatory to have one Democratic and one Republican Senator from each state.
4. Pass legislation to split the House of Representative to  fifty fifty between Republicans and Democrats. In states where there is an odd number of congressmen, give the odd man to the party of the majority.
5. Pass an ethics bill that is effective, and will fire Congressmen and  Senators who are found to violate any provision of the bill..
6. Reduce the size of all governrnent departments by 20%. The private sector is cutting jobs like crazy, but the government never cuts. This is totally unfair.
7. Instead of spending money, try paying off the deficit. Bill Clinton did that and according to him the economy flourished.
8. Cut out using the government aircraft for travel. Use only commercial carriers; the President included.
9. Balance the federal budget. When tax income does not cover expenses, cut spending to balance what we have.
10. Pass legislation to eliminate spending  federal money on abortion and contraception.
11. Do not pass any legislation unless there is a provision in it to find money to pay for it
You see Representative Halvorson, I don’t buy anything you stand for.
Please resign to minimize further embarrassment to the citizens of Illinois. 
Grumpa Joe

Thank you for contacting me regarding your opposition to the economic recovery legislation recently passed by Congress. I appreciate hearing from you on this important matter. I understand many of your concerns regarding this legislation. Even supporters of the economic recovery plan acknowledge that it is not perfect, however, legislation resulting from compromise and negotiation rarely is. Like you, I am worried by the high price tag of the plan, but there are safeguards in the bill to ensure that the money will be spent wisely. The plan contains no earmarks and taxpayers will be able to track expenditures on a public website.


We are in the midst of the most severe economic crisis in decades. In some communities in our district, the unemployment rate has already reached double digits. I have heard from many constituents who are struggling to pay their bills and to feed their families. We need urgent action to start addressing the crisis. Economists across the ideological spectrum estimate that the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act will create or save over 3 million jobs. This goal will be reached by investing in our country’s urgent infrastructure and energy needs. Throughout the 11th Congressional District, there are aging schools that need renovation, crumbling roads and bridges that need repair and rural communities that lack access to modern high speed internet. By investing in infrastructure projects that will address these needs we will create new jobs in Illinois and throughout the country.


The economic recovery plan also includes one of the largest tax cuts in American history. By providing significant tax relief that will put money in the pockets of 95% of working Americans, the plan will once again start growing our economy. The road to economic recovery will not be easy. History has shown us that big problems often require big solutions. The recovery plan is expensive, but this is the price we will have to pay to turn our economy around.


Again, thank you for contacting me. I always appreciate receiving feedback from my constituents. Please feel free to contact me again in the future regarding any matter of concern to you. Also, please visit my website, http://www.house.gov/halvorson, for regular updates on what is happening in Congress.





Debbie Halvorson


My Flag Flies Everyday

My Flag Flies Everyday

Barack’s Self Fulfilled Prophecy

My Flag Flies Everyday

My Flag Flies Everyday

Today, I saw another interesting news bit. This time it was a map of the US showing the states that are asking for a bailout. Of course, my home state of Illinois is up there with its hand out too. We have good company though; New York, Ohio, California, Arizona, and a few others. All of these states share a common trait. Their political populations are Democratic.  What is it about Democrats? Why are they lined up with their hands out? Do they know any other way to live?

I can only speak for Illinois,  but I’m sure the other states have similar problems. The biggest problem in Illinois is that our leaders have never heard of the concept of a balanced budget. They do, however, know how to spend, raise taxes, and raid pension funds. Recently, Cook County President, Todd Stroger instituted a sales tax increase which makes the residents of Cook County among the highest tax payers in the country. The ink isn’t even dry on the law yet, and he is asking for a bailout. When is enough, enough?

Without a curb on spending and learning to live within our means, the deficit grows, and grows, and grows. Each of the states listed in the bailout demographic has a long time penchant for spending except Arizona. These states have never learned to say “no.” I was surprised to see Arizona included in this demographic, until I realized that they too have become democratic in recent years. At one time, Arizona was a very conservative state. They are now faced with shortfalls, and debt that is beyond their means to pay. Is this what appeals to Democrats? 

Our Federal  Government is no different, except it owns the printing press, and the plates for making money. Each Democratic government from Lyndon Johnson to Bill Clinton supported spending beyond the means to pay back. They invented social programs which caused the banking system to fail, and legislated laws governing everything from fuel mileage to drilling  for oil.

Democrat Bill Clinton brags about his balanced budget and a predicted budget surplus. It is my thinking that the government should have lowered taxes to give the surplus back before the temptation to spend it went into high gear. Our representatives in Washington only saw it as an opportunity to spend it all before we figured it out.

Along comes Barack Obama who for the past two years has been brainwashing the country into believing life is really bad. He created the concept of “failed economic policies,” and turned the idea into a “self fulfilling prophecy.” In very eloquent rhetoric he hypnotized the populace into believing the failure was real. Then, very cleverly, he blamed it on George Bush. I am not a big supporter of W, but give me a break. He is not the reason the banks failed. He did stretch us with the war, but not the subprime loan curse. Had he found WMD in Iraq, things might be different. We didn’t find them, so we have a huge expenditure we don’t need. 

Now, we are faced with a prophecy that is becoming reality. Barack was so good at brainwashing the country, he is being called upon to correct his largest problem, i.e. keeping the country from going into a full blown depression. The number of states lined up with a hand out is a glance into the near future of “Change We Can Believe In.” He never did define what the change would be, did he?.