It Is Time For The NAACP To Man Up


Whenever a dump truck left a load in or around my neighborhood, the boys played a game called King of the Hill. One of us would scramble to the top of the pile, no matter what it was, dirt, stones, coal it didn’t a difference. The rest of us then began to push the King off. If the King was very good, he maintained the title. No matter how big or tough the King was, we always managed to knock him off the hill. A single person by himself who struggled to hold his balance as he crawled up was easy for the King to knock down, but a number of us all working together could always dethrone the King. It didn’t matter who became the next King, he too was dethroned quickly.

My mind is in a whirl of confusion with all the nonsense coming at me. This week for instance, Mitt Romney had the unmitigated gall to speak to a NAACP audience as equals. Instead of praising him for doing so, they booed him. Pundits tried in vain to say Romney did it to excite his racist base. They spewed their usual racist rhetoric about the man. One thing the blacks continuously complain about is equality. Mitt Romney made the mistake of delivering the same speech to the NAACP as he does to all audiences. What the NAACP expected was the same kind of ass kissing speech delivered by John McCain four years ago. I heard some of it and I couldn’t believe my ears. Mc Cain actually fed them the Kool-Aid and they loved it. It didn’t change a single vote, but they loved to hear the sweet talk. Obama does the same thing. He goes one step further when he addresses a black audience, his dialect and demeanor becomes that of a black preacher.

So when will the blacks be satisfied? The blacks are smarter than to need tailored speeches praising their progress. They know how far the Civil Rights movement has progressed. They know that the President Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society has destroyed black families. They know that the Equal Opportunity Act has shifted opportunity away from whites. They know their schools are worse than other’s. They know that black Congressmen like Bobbie Rush, Jesse Jackson Jr, Sheila Jackson Lee, Charlie Rangel, Maxine Waters, and John Conyers Jr. are living like kings without delivering improvement to their communities. They know Congressman Conyer’s city of Detroit is a worldwide joke and a model for socialism. Yet, they cling to the notion that they must get more restitution for the sins of the fore-fathers. Blacks, except for Obama, are more American than most whites. My family has been in America for only one generation. Most blacks have been in America since the 1700’s, that is at least twelve generations. It is one hundred and forty-seven years since Lincoln freed the slaves. That is at least seven generations of family who have never been slaves, nor even knew slave relatives, but those same generations have enjoyed playing upon the guilt of whites and the Welfare State.

It is time for the NAACP to admit their equality, and to take responsibility for their outcomes. Mitt Romney treated them as equals even though they do not seem ready nor willing accept equality. It is too easy for the NAACP to blame whitey than themselves.

Scairy Tale

      . . .  between the Atlantic and Pacific called the United States of America. The people there lived in freedom. They did as they pleased, went where they wanted, surfed the internet, practiced the religion of their choice, went to school, ate what they wanted, and spoke freely. Life in the USA became so good that the common Ignorant Ones did not notice a threat coming toward them. The Ignorant Ones elected a President named Wilson who believed that the Smart Ones must care for the Ignorant Ones. Other Smart Ones followed, and built on his platform.  Another president named Roosevelt also decided the Ignorant Ones could not take care of themselves. So he gave them Social Security, and the New Deal.  

     Then, President Johnson decided the Ignorant Ones needed a Great Society, and he made sure they got it. He needed money to pay for the Great Society, so he took some back from Ignorant Ones who were getting Social Security. They will never miss it he said. It is for the good of everyone. All the Ignorant Ones will benefit, and the Smart Ones will get more.

     Along came President Clinton. He wanted to give all the Ignorant Ones a free house. Everyone should live the American Dream. He signed a law to make the banks lend money to everyone to buy a house. When the banks said “no,” to the Ignorant Ones because they could not afford it, he sent ACORN to picket until they gave in. Eventually, millions of the Ignorant Ones owned the American Dream.  Meanwhile, the Smart Ones prospered more.   

     Eventually, a silver-tongued fox named Obama spoke to the Ignorant Ones. He hypnotized them with lyrical poetry, and his smartness. They named him The One. While they were in The One’s trance, he promised to change the greatest country in the world.  “Amen,” shouted the Ignorant Ones, “Go for it.” They voted for him to be their great leader.

     The One, came into power and immediately hired Radical Ones to set his policy. Like ants on a hill, they went about changing the greatest country in the world to remove freedoms from the Ignorant Ones. The One’s lyrical speech hypnotized the Congressional Ones, and Senate Ones to vote for radical laws. All of the new laws took from the Ignorant Ones and lined the pockets of the Smart Ones. The One chastised bankers for giving themselves raises for giving the American Dream to the Ignorant Ones. He called them Fat Cats, except the banks that he kept for himself. Those banks he called “Smart Ones.”

     The USA was the most powerful country in the world, and Lesser Countries looked up to the USA. They were insanely jealous of the USA’s freedom and success. The Smart Ones said, “War is bad.” The Lesser Countries said, “Three cheers for the USA, they finally got it.” Obama said, “We must weaken the most powerful country so everyone will love us.” We need to destroy all of our nuclear weapons, and let the Lesser Countries develop their own. That way the Lesser Countries can annihilate our allies.

     The Smart Ones created new policies that destroyed jobs. The Ignorant Ones became more dependent on the Smart Ones to give them aid. The aid came from taxing the Ignorant Ones. The Ignorant Ones became slaves to the Smart Ones, and bowed before them.

     That is the story of how the Smart Ones changed the greatest country in the world into the least respected, and least powerful. The Ignorant Ones in all the Lesser Countries were happy because the Ignorant Ones in the USA were the same as in the Lesser Countries. The Ignorant Ones in the USA were sad.

     In the end, the Smart Ones lived happily ever after, while the Ignorant Ones, their Ignorant Children, their Ignorant Grandchildren, and their Ignorant Great Grandchildren worked their asses off wearily ever after.

A Heart Beat Away!

To all my Democratic friends in the USA. There is a political system that combines and defines all the dreams of the great society you are trying to establish for us. It has universal healthcare, jobs for everyone, allows abortion, eliminates God from everything, and taxes everyone uniformly. The system is called “Communism.”
Electing McCain brings Sarah Palin a heart beat away from the presidency, but voting for Mr. Liberal brings us a heart beat away from Communism.