You Vill Pay Up and Love It


Imagine a terrible stink in your house. What would you do to get rid of it? If it were my house I would open the windows and turn on a fan to move the stinky air out. When I get into my car, which has sat in the hot sun, I always open the windows and the sun roof to get the hot air out. What do you do when there is pollution in the atmosphere of your town? You pray for a rain storm or a strong wind to blow the pollution away. What do you do if you are asthmatic? If you own your own home and have the money, you install a filter to clean the air in the house. What happens if you are asthmatic, have a very good air-filter and leave the windows open? You suffer because there is no filter available that will clean the air coming into your house fast enough to keep it pure.
Our president drinks the cool-aid provided him by the EPA and his Liberal clean air gurus that the way to clear the air in America is to eliminate coal-burning power plants by taxing them out of business. There is one huge fault in their logic: America is not a closed system like a house. Our boundaries do not keep people from crossing into our country nor do they keep dirty air from entering. There is no bubble surrounding America to keep our pure air contained.
North America is just a tiny fraction of the surface area of Planet Earth. The layer of air between Earth and the stratosphere moves constantly within the country, and the jet stream moves it out.
The brainless scientists who promote the carbon tax scheme to clean the air of America and the world are nothing more than charlatans who are anxious to reach into our pockets to steal money. Even if we eliminate coal-burning power plants over-night and convert our transportation to solar-powered cars, trucks, buses, trains, boats, and airplanes, our air will never be very pure. Why? Because the jet stream will move our pure air to another continent and dirty air from China or India will move in. We will be taxing our power plants unfairly to clear the air of the entire planet. In the mean time, countries like China and India, who are more worried about feeding billions of people, will continue to use dirty coal, and any other form of cheap energy to run their factories. Those factories will pollute the air (as we see in photos of China where people wear face masks to avoid breathing the foul air) while the jet stream moves their crappy air over the Pacific to North America. Our EPA will measure the dirty air and continue to blame it on our power plants and cars.
There is no EPA in China to regulate the socialist government into bankruptcy like we have in America. The citizens of China have no voice in the way things run, the government tells them how to run their lives. At this point, the people in China are happy to eat and improve their condition with food, electronics and cars, and are not concerned by the purity of their air. The government is more concerned with providing jobs to the hundreds of thousands of people coming to town for work than they are about regulating their industry. It will be decades before these undeveloped countries are ready for pure air, but our EPA will continue to harass us to get cleaner to compensate.
Be happy Liberals and cough up the money for all that clean energy you will buy to power your phones, cars, and air-conditioners.

My What Big Ears You Have

An old story about Little Red Riding Hood inspired this cartoon. “My, what big ears you have,” said Red to her grandmother. “Better to hear you with my dear,” answered the wolf disguised as Grandma.

Deception takes place in children’s stories and in adult ones too. The worst deception occurs when a politician blatantly lies about his agenda to win an election. Radical Saul Alinsky taught that it is okay to do whatever it takes to win your position. Even lying is appropriate if that is what it takes. There is another way to say it, “the end justifies the means.”

In the case of Obama, his ears are not for hearing us. He is doing what he wants to do regardless of what “we the people,” desire. In other words, he knows what is good for us better than we do. He pretends to listen, says what we want to hear, then does something completely different. An example is the day he spent on C-Span listening to Republicans tell him how to reform the heath care system.

In many ways, this administration is reminiscent of King George’s at the time of the American Revolution. George kept doing what he wanted regardless of input from his constituents. He kept imposing unfair taxes on the people to advance his agenda. He finally got his comeuppance when the citizens of America reached a point that stopped him dead in his tracks.

When will we reach that point?

A Bill For Services Rendered

I just received a bill that set me back on my heels. What the heck did I spend on to get a bill like the one below? I do not spend much at all, but the government spends on my behalf. They do a very good job too. The problem with their spending is that I do not see any benefit. So why am I getting the bill? You will get one too. This invoice is for every person in the USA. The problem is that after I pay this bill, I will get another one to pay for my counterpart who has not worked.

Clean Energy for Our Cars

I have mixed feelings about the Gulf oil spill. I have been a conservative, and a conservationist all my life. I drove a car that got thirty miles to a gallon of gas when gas cost eighteen cents a gallon. People thought I was nuts. My philosophy was that I was polluting less because I was consuming less. My carbon footprint in 1961 was lower than that of the most leftwing radical greenies of 2010. Therefore, I see the huge oil spill in the Gulf as one of the worst tragedies of the planet.

I blame the spill on the Conservationists who have been forcing oil companies to drill in deep water, and I blame the lousy economy on the law passed by Congress to give everyone in America a house. The difference between these two tragedies is that the Government will get away with demonizing the oil companies, but they will never take responsibility for their law making errors.

The other side of the spill that causes my dilemma are these facts:  I love to drive my car, I love my house air-conditioned, I love to turn on my computer, I love fresh vegetables and fruits in the middle of winter, I love sitting in a warm house during cold weather, I love being able to communicate with my friends, and I love watching TV. All of my love affairs rely on energy. When it comes to choosing between pelicans soaked in oil and losing my loves, the pelican will lose every time. I am, you see, a practical conservationist.

Americans need only take a drive onto an Interstate highway on any day of the week, and ask themselves the following question, what would happen if the entire world ran out of gas on the same day? How would you get home from where your car stopped? Would home be worth going to? How long would it be before people began killing each other for a meal?

People are criticizing President Obama for the way he has handled the spill. What does he know about an oil leak under five thousand feet of water? His teleprompter will not work at that depth. I am amazed that BP has such an amazing robot with a live video that can work by remote control at that site. If Obama is deserving of criticism, it is for his lack of reaction to give Louisiana an okay to create barrier islands offshore. He could have and should have given the okay on day one. He didn’t and has only allowed a fraction of the barriers. Why? He is waiting for an environmental impact study to determine the harm the barriers would create. Stupid, or what? The decision is a no brainer in the middle of the worst ecological disaster ever to hit the world.

One thing Obama has jumped on quickly is to use the spill as a great reason for pushing the Cap and Trade bill through Congress. He is convinced that by imposing this stupid law on us, that we will rush to develop new forms of energy. He truly believes the world will be a better place if the USA devolves backwards a hundred and fifty years to meet the status of Third World Nations. If only his brain could assimilate the notion that given a profit motive, a free capitalist world would rush to develop new forms of energy. Instead, he is thinking like a Cro-Magnon man.

Here is a hot investment tip for everyone in America; buy donkeys and shovels. Donkeys are the only form of clean energy that will evolve from this administration’s policies. Oh, the shovels are for picking up the clean carbon free donkey shit that will be knee-deep.

Stop Making the Problem Worse


My Flag Flies Everyday

Anyone worried about global warming should read the facts spelled out in the following link. 

Carbon Dioxide Facts

I can’t add anymore than this:  liberals are worried about global warming to the extent that they are endangering the entire population of the earth. One of the facts  listed on this link, is that we exhale carbon dioxide (CO2 greenhouse gas). Therefore, I suggest that all liberals who support the new cap and tax law as the solution to global warming please stop exhaling. You are contributing to the problem.