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Anyone worried about global warming should read the facts spelled out in the following link. 

Carbon Dioxide Facts

I can’t add anymore than this:  liberals are worried about global warming to the extent that they are endangering the entire population of the earth. One of the facts  listed on this link, is that we exhale carbon dioxide (CO2 greenhouse gas). Therefore, I suggest that all liberals who support the new cap and tax law as the solution to global warming please stop exhaling. You are contributing to the problem.

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  1. According to scientists on both sides of the anthropogenic global warming debate say human activity accounts for 3% of CO2 production. 3% is not a significant number, but the 97% naturally-produced CO2 is significant.

    Tomorrow the EPA will declare CO2 a pollutant, exacerbating ever-growing, possibly irreversible, government intrusion that will radically change our American way of life forever.

  2. Isn’t it disturbing that this information (ClimateGate) was released over 2 weeks ago on the internet, yet none of the major news channels (2,5,7,9) have not even mentioned it? Guess you can do that when you control the media as well.

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