Fracking Explained


Like many people my knowledge of the term “fracking” left me wondering. Therefore, I really appreciated this short video which shows and explains the process that is revolutionizing the energy industry in America. I urge readers to watch this short educational film. It will open your eyes as it did mine.

Clean Energy for Our Cars

I have mixed feelings about the Gulf oil spill. I have been a conservative, and a conservationist all my life. I drove a car that got thirty miles to a gallon of gas when gas cost eighteen cents a gallon. People thought I was nuts. My philosophy was that I was polluting less because I was consuming less. My carbon footprint in 1961 was lower than that of the most leftwing radical greenies of 2010. Therefore, I see the huge oil spill in the Gulf as one of the worst tragedies of the planet.

I blame the spill on the Conservationists who have been forcing oil companies to drill in deep water, and I blame the lousy economy on the law passed by Congress to give everyone in America a house. The difference between these two tragedies is that the Government will get away with demonizing the oil companies, but they will never take responsibility for their law making errors.

The other side of the spill that causes my dilemma are these facts:  I love to drive my car, I love my house air-conditioned, I love to turn on my computer, I love fresh vegetables and fruits in the middle of winter, I love sitting in a warm house during cold weather, I love being able to communicate with my friends, and I love watching TV. All of my love affairs rely on energy. When it comes to choosing between pelicans soaked in oil and losing my loves, the pelican will lose every time. I am, you see, a practical conservationist.

Americans need only take a drive onto an Interstate highway on any day of the week, and ask themselves the following question, what would happen if the entire world ran out of gas on the same day? How would you get home from where your car stopped? Would home be worth going to? How long would it be before people began killing each other for a meal?

People are criticizing President Obama for the way he has handled the spill. What does he know about an oil leak under five thousand feet of water? His teleprompter will not work at that depth. I am amazed that BP has such an amazing robot with a live video that can work by remote control at that site. If Obama is deserving of criticism, it is for his lack of reaction to give Louisiana an okay to create barrier islands offshore. He could have and should have given the okay on day one. He didn’t and has only allowed a fraction of the barriers. Why? He is waiting for an environmental impact study to determine the harm the barriers would create. Stupid, or what? The decision is a no brainer in the middle of the worst ecological disaster ever to hit the world.

One thing Obama has jumped on quickly is to use the spill as a great reason for pushing the Cap and Trade bill through Congress. He is convinced that by imposing this stupid law on us, that we will rush to develop new forms of energy. He truly believes the world will be a better place if the USA devolves backwards a hundred and fifty years to meet the status of Third World Nations. If only his brain could assimilate the notion that given a profit motive, a free capitalist world would rush to develop new forms of energy. Instead, he is thinking like a Cro-Magnon man.

Here is a hot investment tip for everyone in America; buy donkeys and shovels. Donkeys are the only form of clean energy that will evolve from this administration’s policies. Oh, the shovels are for picking up the clean carbon free donkey shit that will be knee-deep.

A Big Fat Lie

MSNBC’s Tamron Hall recently intimated that the Pinal County Deputy Sheriff faked his own shooting to bring attention to the problem of illegal aliens invading Arizona. How dumb can one woman be? She knows better. Who in their right mind would allow themselves to be shot for a cause? Perhaps she would.

Here is the lie. It is my contention that the Obama administration blew up the oilrig in the Gulf of Mexico. Why? To give Obama an honorable way to back out of his decision to open off- shore drilling.

I believe my lie is more plausible than Ms Hall’s is. The resources to commit such an act are certainly within the scope of the government.  The military has many specially trained units that would relish the duty to pull off such a stunt. Once ordered to do so, they would not falter. I do not think anyone will believe me. I just want to make a point about how stupid the liberal press has become in support of the president. Accidents happen, and the oilrig is one of them. Mexicans, Muslims, and Central Americans are invading the U.S.A. by walking across the border from Mexico. The invasion is real too. Recently, Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano bragged about how border patrol measures put into place has cut the flow of illegal aliens to a mere one hundred thousand per year, down from two hundred thousand. Great results, right? Or, is she lying too?

I recently took a driving trip. During the hours on the road, one question kept running through my mind. What would happen to us if every car in the USA ran out of gas at the same time? The earth would literally stand still. We need to drill, we need to keep the mid-east in our pockets, we need Anwar, Baaken, and every source of oil we can muster to keep up with our style of living. We also need to drill off-shore even if it means we occasionally have an accident to deal with.

The experience gained from this spill will serve to make offshore oil drilling  more reliable and safe.