My What Big Ears You Have

An old story about Little Red Riding Hood inspired this cartoon. “My, what big ears you have,” said Red to her grandmother. “Better to hear you with my dear,” answered the wolf disguised as Grandma.

Deception takes place in children’s stories and in adult ones too. The worst deception occurs when a politician blatantly lies about his agenda to win an election. Radical Saul Alinsky taught that it is okay to do whatever it takes to win your position. Even lying is appropriate if that is what it takes. There is another way to say it, “the end justifies the means.”

In the case of Obama, his ears are not for hearing us. He is doing what he wants to do regardless of what “we the people,” desire. In other words, he knows what is good for us better than we do. He pretends to listen, says what we want to hear, then does something completely different. An example is the day he spent on C-Span listening to Republicans tell him how to reform the heath care system.

In many ways, this administration is reminiscent of King George’s at the time of the American Revolution. George kept doing what he wanted regardless of input from his constituents. He kept imposing unfair taxes on the people to advance his agenda. He finally got his comeuppance when the citizens of America reached a point that stopped him dead in his tracks.

When will we reach that point?

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  1. Great column. Obama cannot hear what “We the People” are saying. He is so stupid, that he thinks everything he says or does will be alright because he says so. He is a CONTROL FREAK. What worries me more is what to do with those who were misled and voted for him. Thats scary.

  2. Hey Old Buddy,

    Great cartoon! So true, this Administration is governing against the will of the people. Most egregious is that he knows it, which solidifies conspiracies that he is doing it all intentionally!

    Anyway, good stuff here. I like the blog! Keep it up and November will be here before we know it!


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