I have never seen our country so racially divided in all my years. It was bad in the fifties and sixties, but never like it is today. Racism, in spite of all the government’s effort to legislate racial equality, flourishes with vengeance. The number one perpetrator of the division is none other than our president Barack Obama.

BO’s number one philosophy of redistributing the wealth is only slave retribution in disguise. He is a troubled black soul living in a white world, and racked with guilt about not being one hundred percent black. He must give his blackness a legacy. His Muslim heritage also splits him. He has confusion about how to worship God. He cannot stomach Christianity, he flirts with his father’s Muslim background, and he chooses to worship in a Black Liberation Theology church based on Marxism and Black superiority.

Obama’s philosophy also extends into the Department of Justice. He steers Attorney General Eric Holder toward being “more just” to people of color. Why else would Holder refuse to prosecute the New Black Panthers for intimidating voters? Why else would he refuse to enforce immigration laws? Why else would he condone Sanctuary Cities? Why does he want to prosecute Military Combatants in civilian courts?

The latest division comes from Shirley Sherrod, the woman addressing the NAACP and bragging about dispensing her own form of racial justice to a white farmer. Clearly, the audience of blacks reacted with pleasure as she related the story. What about the President calling down a cop for doing a policeman’s job? The officer arrested an unknown black man for trying to break into a house. Obama got off with a beer on that one, but he was showing his racial side.

His liberalism wants to grant illegal aliens a free path to US Citizenship without any requirement of fidelity to the USA. The result is a population of Hispanics who desecrate the US flag in favor of flying their own colors over Old Glory.

I listen to Congressional Representatives of color make disparaging remarks about Tea Party Members being racist. I have attended several Tea Party rallies, some, with thousands in attendance. Never, have I witnessed anything even close to racism. If anything, I think the rallies are too tame to be effective. One thing is sure; the Tea Party people are pissed. Tea Party people will take action at the next election. They do not give a rat’s ass that the left smears them as racists, accuses them of sedition, or bites their fingers off. They will quietly march to the voting booth in November and fire a shot of quiet revolution.

The current buzz is all about Obama’s low approval rating. Democrat pundits defend him daily. They remind us that both Presidents Reagan and Clinton had very low approval ratings in the middle of their first terms. Both of them went on to become two term presidents. The difference between them and Obama is they were not racially dividing the country. They governed effectively.

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  1. The Declaration of Independence states that all are created equal. Affirmitive Action sets one group higher than another. That is government created racism, creating a problem that only they can supposedly fix.In all my 67 plus years, I have never seen anything good come out of government. Only TODAY its getting far worse.
    Grumpa Joe, that hits the nail on the head. Great.
    Good response Jim.

  2. Joe you are right the country is divided racialy but I think it is different then we grew up. I think that then was not right. What I see now is people pushing whites and they will only be pushed so far. We are heading for a revoloution.
    I only hope it is at the ballot box. If you vote for a person ONLY because he is black that is also racism. Boy do we have some great examples of that, Huh maxine! We also have a lot of great intelligent black people. Let ius hope they prevail.

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