We Can or We Can, Not

During President Barack Obama’s campaign to the presidency, he promoted the catchy phrase “yes we can.” He used many positive affirmations throughout the campaign. Being a student of positive thinking, I thought here is a guy who is living the positive message.

In the past, few months I have heard a string of cannot dos that are very untypical of the positive Barack of the campaign. We cannot secure the border. We cannot prosecute illegals. We cannot prosecute voting fraud by blacks, browns, yellows, and reds, only whites. We cannot have God on our money. We cannot have God in public places. We cannot have God in schools. We cannot pray on the National Day of Prayer. We cannot make our own end of life health care decisions. We cannot live by the Constitution of the Founding Fathers. We cannot run the government with heads of departments vetted by Congress. We cannot read two thousand page bills before we vote to approve them. We cannot have capitalism because it is evil. We cannot define marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

The slogan “Yes We Can” has become a matter of definition. There are those who believe “We Can,” means one thing and there are those who believe “We Can,” means something else.

Barack and his liberal Congress believe in stripping us of our liberty. They believe they can teach us that big government is good for us. They believe in destroying relationships we developed with our allies. They believe they can talk themselves out of any situation. They believe they can pass laws to control us. They believe those who choose to earn a living must support those that do not. They believe every law should be in the interest of promoting a socialist state. They believe once elected, they should own the office until death. They believe they know what is better for you than you do. They believe in a form of slavery known as liberal-progressive-socialism.

I want to believe that we can make the USA a better place to live. We can have freedom of speech. We can have choices in our health care. We can start a business without the government regulating every move. We can choose to live where we want. We can own a gun. We can have God in our schools. We can have God in our public places. We can have God in our schools. We can prosecute racism of white against black, and black against white. We can gather on the National Mall, and pray on a given day. We can vote for a union privately. We can live by strict interpretation of the Constitution. We can encourage immigration into the country via a set of rules. We can limit the power of the Executive branch of government. We can limit Congress to terms of employment. We can give people an education without government dictating what is in a history book. We can hold a child back. We can discipline kids without fear of retribution by a nanny state. We can live without fear of a radical religion promoting its theism upon us.  We can adopt English as the national language. We can promote the exceptionalism of our people and country. We can limit the size of government. We can live without a Department of Energy. We can live without a Department of Education. We can live without a Department of Homeland Security. We can live without a Department of Health and Human Services. We can have a Department of Justice that enforces laws. We can have a president who knows how to lead. We can have a Congress that listens to the voice of the people as well as to special interest groups. We can limit campaign funds of the President and Congress. We can make elected officers give back all unused campaign funds immediately after election to office.

Which definition of We Can do you choose to accept? We can, or we can-not?