Sick Bastards

This lady presents a very compelling story about her motives for establishing a Tea Party group and the subsequent problems she had with the sick bastards at the IRS when applying for  tax exempt status. We must all stand up to this huge government and shrink it to what it is intended to do, protect our liberty, amen.

No IRS, no Department of Education, no Environmental Protection Agency, no Department of Homeland Security, no ATF, no DEA, no FMEA, no HHS,  just a strong military, and an unscrupulously honest Department of Justice. Everything else is a power grabbing pile of bullshit invented to turn America into a kingdom.

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  1. Our forefathers wrote a constitution giving all the power to ” WE THE PEOPLE “. The government has wrongfully re-interterpreted what was written, so a few can control the many. It will take a revolution to return to the constitution as it was originally written. There are to many DEPENDENT SHEEPLE for that to happen. Please pray for this once great COUNTRY. AMEN

    • Let’s take a simple baby step and repeal or seriously revise the Patriot Act.

      • The government has convinced the ” SHEEPLE ” that all the LAWS and Departments that they have created are necessary to ” PROTECT” those that depend on the GOVERNMENT for their existence. There are not enough honest politicians serving right now to repeal anything that would endanger the governments CONTROL over ” WE the PEOPLE “.
        Grumpa Joe, if you throw your hat in the ring, I will do all in my power to get you in Washington. Chuck

        • I was thinking more in line with leading the revolution to chase the bad guys out of town.

        • Grumpa, its going to take one HELL of a revolution, but you can count on me and several Vets that I know. LEAD ON.

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