Who In The Hell?

A day doesn’t go by without Grandma Peggy asking me “who in the hell in their right mind would vote for Obama?” She has a problem believing the intelligent  people in America are intoxicated with the elixir of socialism. I often argue that the people who voted for him are not necessarily very intelligent at all. In fact, most are downright stupid.

A good friend, now retired from the Air Force as a Colonel, sent the evidence I needed to make my point to Peg. This cutout from a newspaper is a little hard to read, but trust me it is worth reading, you will laugh your ass off. Remember these people walk among us.


I blame the educational system for this stupidity. We are born smarter than this proud Democrat.

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  1. Knowing there are many, many, many democrats who are proud to have someone else control every aspect of their lives, lets me know the Republic is in GRAVE DANGER. When government CONTROLS everything, LIFE, LIBERTY, and PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS are lost.
    ” WE THE PEOPLE ” must make a stand. Chuck

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