Coming To A Street Near You

You can call me Joe, or you can call me a Right Wing Terrorist, or you can call me a racist, or you can call me an Islama-phobe, or you can call me a homophobe, but please do call me Patriot.

Watch these videos to see what happens when the muslim population in a country grows beyond a few peaceful people.

Islam is a religion so we must afford them First Amendment rights, or do we? Islam is also a political ideology. Which is it a religion, or a political system? If it is a religion only, then they must abide by the laws of whatever country they live in. If it is a political system, they are traitors to the country they occupy. Actually, Islam is a Theocracy, a system that allows religion to rule the country. Remember our Declaration of Independence? The Founders deliberately separated church from state. They did not want another King or a church ruled country. Which do you believe it is?

Grumpa Joe believes that Islam is in direct contradiction to the Constitution of the USA, therefore even the most pious MUSLIM forfeits any Constitutional rights. They believe that there is only one law, that is God’s law. They do not obey nor sanction any law of any country except those that embrace Sharia. Do you see the contradiction? Islamists have only one goal in life, to convert the world to Islam. They don’t belong in the USA, they are a threat.

Oh, but you say, we must afford them rights, because Islam is a peace-loving religion. Yet, somehow, every radical Islamist began life as a peaceful muslim. There is something wrong with their upbringing that triggers a peaceful soul to become a hating, killing machine. Could it be the teachings of the Koran?


The link below takes you to a CBS news piece that covered the same prayer protest.

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  1. I understand where you’re coming from but I don’t see anything wrong with people praying. The diversity is quite cool actually, what makes Paris a cosmopolitan city. As long as those people are not imposing their religion or beliefs on anyone else, it’s fine.

    To answer the question of filming during prayer – I respect that. I was in a beautiful Greek Orthodox Monastery once, taking pictures, a nun came up to me and informed me that I can only take photos if I had a special blessing from the priest. Out of respect I deleted my photos. Many religions asked that you do not film during prayer services, Hindu and Buddhist temples as well.

    I love your blog and thanks for posting this.

    • John: First let me say thanks for following and commenting. Here is my opinion of muslims praying in the streets. By blocking egress to pedestrians and traffic they are forcing their beliefs on us. They force the government into compliance with their Sharia law by ignoring the laws of the country.
      Filming during prayer on a public street is not harmful to anyone. Filming in a church or mosque is disrespectful of the Lord.

      • That puts everything in a different perspective Grumpa Joe. I thought they had no mosque so prayer in the street was their only option. It would have been different if they obtained a permit to block the street and hired police officers to keep traffic moving. When my parents first arrived in Canada there were no Greek churches here so the community would obtain a permit to hold mass in arenas and parks until the first greek church was built.

        • John: I just saw an article about the city of San Francisco providing a special prayer site for cabdrivers. Did your forefathers have such accommodation? Mine didn’t, they did the same thing your parents did.

  2. Hi, great blog!! Together and worldwide we must fight the madness that’s spreading like a poison in most countries around the globe now.
    We must do the hard work so our children and their children can live in peace and harmony. FIGHT RADICAL ISLAM!!

    I’ve put this blog on our linklist, feel free to do the same.

    John Doe / Sweden

    • Thanks for visiting and for the gracious comment. I will add you to my blogroll

      • Thanks 🙂


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