Wind is the Future, Gas is the Past

Let’s hang our hats on millions of propellers screaming in the breeze to push kilowatts of power into the electrical grid. In the mean time, how about if we hang a flame under President Obama’s ass to light the gas-flame of optimism he exudes for the wonderful new energy scheme into which he is investing our tax money. I hope he invests his personal 401K into wind power too, but my bet is that he owns Exxon.

While Obama counts money from his investments, let us ask the EPA to bury the corpses of dead birds before the Audubon Society wakes up.

In a link below the article brags about how the country of Denmark gets almost half its electrical needs from wind power. What they fail to tell us is that the population of Denmark is 5.5 million which makes Denmark smaller than Chicago, a relatively mid-size town in America. The USA can do that too, let’s be like Denmark, yeah!

Here are some photos to ponder. Have you seen any of these in the news?

Thanks for these great pics Rich.

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  1. Often one side of the story is presented as the whole truth. I am sure the world needs alternate sources of energy as well as an attempt at reining in our usage. But how to separate the grain from the chaff thrown at you by interested parties is a difficult task. Hope wind power is not just “hot air”.

    • No doubt, wind power is a part of the solution, but it is not the final answer in the form we see it today. It may be many years before the wind is harnessed to the point we require to provide our needs. I hope the EPA will ultimately see the terrible consequences of having millions of these things sending noise through the atmosphere as they bat birds into lifelessness, and obstruct our view of anything else but.

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  3. Love the pictures. A client of mine lives very near a wind farm located somewhere north and west of Frankfort-up near I-39 somewhere-told me that the farmers who leased land for the windmills found out the hard way that they have to pay for upkeep on the monsters. They are not amused. When I was there, there were a number of windmills that needed repair and were not operating. Word is that the farmers couldn’t afford the upkeep.

    • These things are popping up everywhere. Three years ago I looked into investing in the company that makes the things. There is one company in the US that is GE, the largest company is in India. There is a large wind farm off I-55 near Normal, IL.
      I had not heard of the maintenance aspect of these contracts.

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