Illinois, Ahem, Chicago and the Second Amendment

Gun laws fail safety test: Greens

Gun laws fail safety test: Greens (Photo credit: publik16)

It finally arrived, i.e. my Firearms Owner’s Identification Card (FOID). At my age, one wonders why I need such a thing. For a couple of reasons: 1. I fear the country being so divided politically and racially that there will ultimately be a civil war. I want to own some heavy-duty firepower, and ammunition, in case I have to protect my family.  2. My sweet little ninety-three year old Aunt Marie handed me a package and said, “I want you to have this, it belonged to John.” John is her deceased bachelor brother who lived with her.

The “this” is a pistol. I reluctantly accepted, and in so doing became an outlaw;  it is illegal to own a firearm in Illinois without a FOID.

The day the FOID arrived, I decided to brush up on Illinois gun laws. Now that I have the FOID I can actually buy bullets and load the gun. I don’t want to be an outlaw anymore.

I Googled Illinois gun laws and got the official fifteen page long document. Several pages list the many ways it is legal to carry an unloaded weapon. The safest involves casting the unloaded weapon into a block of concrete.  All other lawful transport systems are just as onerous.

Before I put the matter to rest, there was another thing I needed to know, can I get a permit to carry the gun on my person? The simple answer is no. There is a bill moving through the legislature called the Family & Personal Protection Act, HB5745 proposed by Rep Brandon W Phelps. This beauty is forty-five pages long and as complicated as the PPAHA (Obama Care) “you have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it.”

I did see one section in an older document that allowed policemen, security guards, service people, mayors, and legislators to carry legally. If that is correct, solving the nine murders that occurred on Saint Patrick’s day is simple; charge the aldermen and the mayor with the crimes. The rest of us are in compliance and don’t carry.

This brings me to a question that bothers the heck out of me. If it is so unlawful to carry a loaded gun in Illinois, how come we have so many gun related crimes in the state?  If we already have the toughest gun laws in the country and they don’t have any effect on gun related crimes, why are the socialist powers fighting so hard to get more control? The answer is simple, the Illinois leaders do not believe in the US Constitutional right to bear arms. The ultimate plan is to brain wash us into bowing before them when they arrive to take over our homes. I’ll be ready.

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  2. I’ve owned a weapon since I was 18 yrs old. Hunting ,trap & skeet ,target and varmit shooting.
    My home is protected with trip wires,flares,claymores and concertina wire.
    I dont believe you need a FOID card for that protection..
    You just need to know the password.

  3. Joe, Move to Indiana,You can carry a weapon! I to think the world is going to hell I have many guns , and think we will NEED them:Bob

  4. Another reason to move to Texas. Here’s the requirements for a CHL (Concealed Handgun License)

    To qualify for a Texas CHL you must:

    Be 21 years old. (Members and former members of the armed forces must be 18.)

    Not be under a protective order

    Have a clean criminal history, including military service and recent juvenile records.

    Not be of unsound mind.

    Not be chemically dependent.

    Be eligible to purchase a handgun by completing the NICS check.

    Not be delinquent in paying fines, fees, child support, student loans, etc.

    Complete required training.
    No FOID, No BS. No 2000 page document.

    The great state of Texas is ready for the revolution.

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