Pinwheels for Pinheads

With all the brain power hired to transform the country under the guise of Hope and Change we don’t seem to have two cents worth of common sense in the lot. The sad fact is that these guys really believe they are saving the country.

Steven Chu current Secretary of Energy is impressive with his PhD degree from Berkley and his Nobel prize for Physics, but his brain is disengaged  from reality. He fails to realize that man-made global warming is a myth formulated to rob the USA of its wealth. Does he care? Nope. He really believes that by forcing the price of gas to rise to $8.00 per gallon that the population will rush to buy electric cars and bicycles. What will really happen totally escapes him, the population will be standing in line in front of a soup kitchen looking for nourishment. Eight dollar gas will kill commerce and shrink the economy further.  His vision sees the once great USA with pure air and the population living like people in Kenya. Sorry, Kenya, I don’t mean to pick on you, but you are responsible for the Roots of Obama’s Rage.

If Chu is so concerned about the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere he should work on a plan to sever California from the mainland. The state is one of very few places in the world where the the sky is perpetually gray-green and the Interstates are five to six lanes wide in each direction, and rush hour resembles a mass migration of lemmings headed for the edge of  a cliff.

Where in the world did Obama get these guys? How can one man be associated with so many weirdo advisors in such a short lifetime?