Let Me Introduce You To Brigitte Gabriel

Brigitte immigrated from Lebanon, and she is more American than most Americans.  She tells a compelling story about how muslims are infiltrating our school system and indoctrinating our kids, and we wonder where the home grown terrorists come from. The movement is funded by money gained from gas sales in the US. We are shooting our foot off by not having an energy policy that gets us away from Arab oil. She makes another point about the separation of church and state. Why is it that public school teachers across America teach our kids about islam, but a prayer before class is prohibited? Why is it that our schools are not allowed any reference to other religions, but we are now indoctrinating kids in islam?

We must put our representative’s feet to the fire and demand answers. We must examine books and classes at our schools to see for ourselves what is going on. We must demand accountability from school boards, and school districts. Demand they repeal Title Six of the Higher Education Act. This  law came into being after WWII. It is intended to promote students toward government service through the study of foreign cultures. Certainly it is not intended to spread the religion of another culture. The US is violating the separation of Church and State by allowing Arabs to use huge sums of money to set up islamic centers and islamic study centers at universities. Arabs also collaborate with school book publishers to rewrite middle school textbooks to include their message.

When will we wake up America? Our country is being kidnapped by a band of evil thieves under the guise of Islamic-American relations. We see more and more home grown terrorists all bred from colleges, now they’ve expand the movement to grammar schools. Hitler did the same thing to his country. He brainwashed the kids into believing they were the master race and to follow his plan to eliminate anyone who didn’t have blond hair and blue eyes. It almost worked. He killed six million people before the world  (mainly the US) could stop the slaughter.

Visit Brigitte’s website ACT for America to learn how you can help stop the islamic takeover.