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There are many things that I am unhappy about regarding President Obama. One thing that especially infuriates me is his constant harangue about conservatives not having any new ideas. These speeches make my blood boil. If ever there is a group that is the party of no new ideas, it is the democrats and leftist liberal progressives. They would not recognize a new idea if it bit them on the nose. Most of their ideas sleep in the libraries of failed socialist theories. Many of the ideas failed after implementation by despots masquerading as leaders. The implementation slaughtered millions.

The problem with liberal Progressives is that they hate ideas that are more than ideas. A simple idea is more like a law of nature. For example, God gave Moses the Ten Commandments. The ten rules govern the moral conduct of man, and are more than just ideas. They have stood the test of time. They will never be obsolete. Another example is the United States Constitution. The problem with the Constitution is that it is too simple for the complicated mind of a leftist to comprehend. The Constitution has served the USA well for two hundred and thirty four years, and withstood the test of time. Unlike the ideas of the socialists, the ideas of freedom, liberty, and the capitalist system grew out of the initiative of millions of liberty loving people. Our people have died in wars defending liberty, but never at the hands of a despot trying to implement liberty, freedom, and capitalism.

Progressives are never satisfied with the simple. The outcome is our current Federal Government. It is not just enough to pass a law to tax our incomes, they have to fill the law with loopholes designed to extract more money. The IRS, another bureaucracy, is necessary to collect the money, and to interpret the law to the government’s advantage. A simple flat tax can eliminate the IRS and the loophole filled tax law.

A law based on this simple idea can replace the Department of Education; all states must have uniform standards of instruction. Instead, we have a bureaucracy that has developed a life of its own. Every year they have a budget that grows. We do not need the government to teach sex education in kindergarten, argue about what to feed kids for breakfast, lunch, and supper, and how to fill them with radical ideas. We do need kids to learn how to read, do arithmetic, and write simple sentences. We should fill our children’s minds with the rich history America, and the rest of the world. Civic education is another void that the Feds pay big bucks to avoid. Why teach Civics? I want future generations of kids to know the basic Constitution and the framework of the government.

By the way, in this speech, Obama blamed the economic mess he inherited to the failed economic policies of Capitalism. He conveniently failed to make a single reference to the liberal-democrat policy that everyone has the right to have the American Dream of owning a house as the root cause. It is my idea that every American has the right to earn the American Dream.

Ideas, I have ideas, and I will challenge any Progressive on the efficacy of my ideas against any of theirs.

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  1. Liberal politicians feel they are smarter than GOD, therefore there is no need to have HIS commandments as a basis to govern “We the People”.How wrong they are.

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