Fire Fly Air Force-Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Torch the firefly, and Stretch the worm became good friends. They met every evening under the lilac bush.

 As Stretch ate his way through the earth, his tiny whiskers kept receiving the same signals repeatedly.” Find Morty Angel. Morty Angel is a guardian angel. Morty watches over Ben. Morty will help the fireflies. Find Morty Angel . . . and on it went. Each night, Stretch learned some more about Morty or Ben. He passed the information to Torch.

          “I don’t know if we are getting closer or not,” said Torch one night. “I feel so frustrated not knowing.”

      “We have to keep trying,” said Stretch, “The vibrations are getting stronger and faster. The summer is almost over and our time is running out.”

          Torch was desperate.

      “I’m going to fly to a new yard to flash the special signal. I have to spread the word faster. It has to work I don’t know what else to do.”

          That night, he flew high above the house to catch a breeze. He let the breeze carry him to a new yard. He dropped down to the top of the highest bush he could find. Using the brightest light he had, he began signaling: short, short, short, pause, long, long, long, pause, short, short, short. He flashed over and over. As he did, many fireflies and insects came to see what was wrong. He told them the story while he continued to flash the message.

To Be Continued . . .


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