Fire Fly Air Force-Chapter 7

Chapter 7

          The Firefly Air Force grew larger every night. Luke split the training. It was too much for one firefly to handle. He gave Lennie and Jaime a squadron of fireflies to train. Each squadron practiced separately. At the end of the week, Luke called a meeting with Lennie and Jaime.

      “Are your squadrons ready for some games?”

      “What kind of games?”

       Luke explained that each squad would fly in front of the insect audience. By now, thousands of insects gathered in the lawn every night. They crawled all over the shrubs and trees to get a view of the Firefly Air Force practicing their aerobatics.

          Each squad leader taught his fliers the same maneuvers that Luke taught them. They flew straight up in spirals then they dived down toward the ground pulling up just before crashing. They flew in vee-formations, in straight lines, or stacked one on top of the other. All the time their lights blinking or holding steady.

          The three squads competed every week. Their show became better each time. The insect crowds were getting larger too. It was not very long before the insects ate most of the lush vegetation around the show. Soon word got out that the Gardener was upset. The many insects damaged his plants. A Japanese beetle spread the word to everyone that he heard the Gardener say the word “spray.”

          Panic ran through the insect world. A spray would kill thousands of families. Some bugs packed up and moved immediately. Others decided to ride out the storm. They were not going to leave their homes because of a “little spray.”

          Torch heard the rumors too. He began to panic. He had not found Morty Angel and the summer was ending, and now the threat of the spray hung over him. Soon, Torch and the fireflies would disappear until next summer. His new friend Stretch will tunnel deep into the earth to escape the cold, and he will not be able to deliver the message to Morty Angel.

          The vibrations kept coming to Stretch every day. First, it said, “Find Morty Angel,” then it changed to “find Morty Angel and give him the message.” Now it was “This is God, I have a message for Morty Angel.” When Stretch told Torch, he became excited. He became so excited

that his tail light blinked the brightest flash ever. It always blinked extra bright when he was nervous. The bright light caught Stretch off guard. It frightened him. He snapped back into his hole afraid to come out. Stretch did not appear again until the next night.

      “Is it safe to come out? Your light is too bright for me.”

     “Yes, please come out, is there anything new?”

     “Yes,” replied Stretch as he pulled his tail free from the hole, “The vibrations are very clear. I know what the message is.”

     “What is it?”

      “What was that,” asked Stretch? “It is thunder. A storm is coming. Let’s take cover while I explain what the message is.”

To Be Continued . . .


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The “Show Me State” Does

I am reading a book called American Insurgents, American Patriots, the Revolution of the People by T.H. Breen, a professor of American History at Northwestern University. The account is about America in the years prior to the American Revolution. He tells about the conditions of the colonies and their attitudes about Liberty. They were already thinking about independence, but not from King George. They were very loyal to the King, and to England. Yet, they had lived in a society of freedom and liberty that had become very important to them. When the Boston Tea Party took place, it kicked off a series of events that solidified the colonists into a singular entity willing to die for liberty.

They had formulated an idea about liberty long before 1776 and the Declaration of Independence. By the time the Founding Fathers took control of the situation, the majority of the population was set to fend for their rights.

As I read this chronicle, I see the current state of America unfold in my mind. It is scary, but right at this moment in our history, events similar to those that took place in 1774 are happening.

We see a general unhappiness about the direction the President and the Administration are taking the country. We are upset about the losses of liberty as we secede to big government. We are unhappy about the arrogant way in which the leaders fail to hear our complaints.  We are unhappy about the new laws they put into place to punish us for their sins of stupidity, and their immoral refusal to accept responsibility. I have not finished this book yet, but I see the future in the past.

The colonists were not organized when it  started. They formed small local groups of citizens to defend their towns. Very similar to the Tea Party Organizers forming local small groups of unhappy people into a voice.

The colonies needed a vehicle to communicate the happenings in Boston, and of government. Astute patriots established newspapers to spread the word. Still, the word spread slowly, so they organized a postal service to spread the newspapers from town to town quickly. Today, the government works feverishly to use newspapers and TV media to spread their propaganda. Modern day patriots use the internet, cable news, and blogs to keep the government BS from taking hold.

When King George punished the population of the Colonies for dumping tea into Boston Harbor, he started events that solidified the citizenry. When a rumor spread that the governor ordered the bombardment of Boston, towns all the way from Maine marched to save their fellow citizens. The march in total was disorganized, yet each town unit was an organized effort.

The colonists realized that the bombardment was only a rumor, and Boston did not suffer. What did happen, though, was a realization that collectively they were a huge singular force that could take on the Redcoats.

This week, an event occurred in Missouri. It was a simple act, an election on a referendum regarding a loss of liberty. Obama-Care contains language that requires the purchase of health care insurance. I wrote about this a while back and recommended forced purchase, similar to car insurance, as an option to take care of the problem. At the time, I was not aware that the Constitution does not allow the government to make us buy anything.

Missourians spoke loudly and clearly. They turned out in record numbers to make their voices heard that they do not condone any law that steals their liberty. The Missourians are like the colonists of 1774 who acted positively to protect their liberty. This one event may be the one that solidifies the colonists of 2010 into a cohesive force that will take on the Red-Feds.

There is still hope for AMERICA, let us pray that I am right.