Fire Fly Air Force-Chapter 13

Chapter 13

The news that Stretch found Morty did not reach Torch. He kept flashing his message repeatedly. Each night he flew to a new bush. He moved so often that he was lost. Torch could not get back to Stretch at all. He kept flashing his signals from different bushes. He had to find Morty Angel. Torch was tired but very determined. He wanted to go home, but could not.

The night after the rainstorm, Torch landed in a new yard. He began sending his signals when he saw something very special. He saw Jaime and his squadron practicing. “How beautiful they look,” he thought. “I’ve never seen such precise flying and signaling.” Torch knew his own gift of the extra bright light was special, but he wished he could fly like Jaime.

Torch saw some kids come out of the house. He watched as the kids began capturing fireflies. He watched a young girl catch the lead flier. She put him in a bottle. The kids came closer, and closer.

I better shut down and get out of here, he told himself.

Swoosh! A hand swept right under him just as he flew up with his light out. Torch kept flying higher and higher until a breeze caught him and carried him out of the yard.

Torch spread his wings, and soared with the wind. He turned on his light again, and began signaling as he flew. His goal was to find Morty, and he could not stop.

The yards looked smaller from high above. He could see where he just escaped. The kids were still running around capturing lightening bugs. He saw segments of the Fire fly Air Force streaking to the yard next door where the flashing lights of fireflies signaled danger and panic.

The signal lights coming from ahead seemed calm and familiar. Torch decided to drop into the safety of the friendly flashes. What Torch did not know is that a family of Phyro fire flies inhabited this yard. The Phyros are cannibals. They use friendly flashes to lure unsuspecting fireflies to come to them.

Torch dove to break out of the breeze. As he dropped, he let the current carry him toward the friendly flashes. His tail light blinked the message as he flew toward the Phyros. The hungry cannibals continued to blink friendly flashes to guide him to certain death.

To Be Continued . . .


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