Fire Fly Air Force-Chapter 12

Chapter 12

The wait for Morty did Nancy good. She had time to rest, eat, and replenish her energy. She was ready to fly again to see her son Luke. Morty picked her up and let her perch on the dashboard. They scooted to the Gardener’s to find Luke. When they arrived, the garden was nearly empty. Most of the fireflies and insects were gone. The Fire Fly Air Force and the insects fled to get away from the spray.

“Oh my,” Nancy exclaimed, “now what do we do? How will I find my son?”

“Please don’t worry Nancy, we will find Luke.”

“The summer is nearly over, and we don’t have many days left before we prepare for the cold,” she said. Suddenly all of her energy drained again. She began to cry.

Morty reached for his Sentra Vision belt.

“Let me speak to Michael,” he said.

“Hi Morty,” answered Michael, “what can I do for you?”

Michael and Morty spoke to each other for a long time. Nancy waited patiently, sobbing. She overheard Morty tell Michael.

“Please find him for me.”  Morty hung up.

To Be Continued . . .


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