Fire Fly Air Force-Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Torch the firefly, and Stretch the worm became good friends. They met every evening under the lilac bush.

 As Stretch ate his way through the earth, his tiny whiskers kept receiving the same signals repeatedly.” Find Morty Angel. Morty Angel is a guardian angel. Morty watches over Ben. Morty will help the fireflies. Find Morty Angel . . . and on it went. Each night, Stretch learned some more about Morty or Ben. He passed the information to Torch.

          “I don’t know if we are getting closer or not,” said Torch one night. “I feel so frustrated not knowing.”

      “We have to keep trying,” said Stretch, “The vibrations are getting stronger and faster. The summer is almost over and our time is running out.”

          Torch was desperate.

      “I’m going to fly to a new yard to flash the special signal. I have to spread the word faster. It has to work I don’t know what else to do.”

          That night, he flew high above the house to catch a breeze. He let the breeze carry him to a new yard. He dropped down to the top of the highest bush he could find. Using the brightest light he had, he began signaling: short, short, short, pause, long, long, long, pause, short, short, short. He flashed over and over. As he did, many fireflies and insects came to see what was wrong. He told them the story while he continued to flash the message.

To Be Continued . . .


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Fire Fly Air Force-Chapter 5

Chapter 5
          Luke, Jaime, and Lenny had not received the message yet.

They were too busy having fun to notice the wild blinking going on around them. The trio was busy practicing their flying. They learned how to fly together, side-by-side much like fighter jets in formation. The wildest trick they learned was to fly and to keep their lights on without blinking. They began to learn aerobatics with their lights on. Their spiraling climbs followed by giant loops and speedy dives were amazing. The show would have delighted any human who saw them. Luke and his team were sky writers in the night.

          As the summer days passed, many more Fireflies joined Luke. The new recruits all wanted to learn how to do aerobatics. Luke loved teaching them. Jaime and Lennie coached the new fliers on tail light operation. It was not long before Luke’s air force of fireflies was the envy of the insect world. Thousands of insects came out every night to watch the Firefly Air Force put on a show. Luke did not even know what was happening. He taught and flew too much to notice how much attention he and his friends got.

          Luke’s mother Nancy heard about the air force from her friends at the blue spruce meeting branch. Every evening, a group of firefly women met to gossip, and to sip nectar from the tree. They talked about many things, but one story caught Nancy’s attention. Her friend Celia told her about a visit she just had with her daughter Bonnie. Bonnie took Celia to see a show. The show was beautiful, and exciting.

      “It was quite a show,” said Celia. “A large group of fireflies did tricks in the night sky with their lights on. They danced, spiraled, and followed each other to form lines of light in the sky. I never saw anything like it. Afterwards, Bonnie introduced me to her friend Luke. He is the lead flier.”

      “My son’s name is Luke,” said Nancy.

      “You should be proud,” said Celia, “He is handsome, smart, and a great flier. My daughter is in love with him. She couldn’t control her flashes when he was near her.”

          Just then, a ladybug landed on the bough where the women were talking. Her body was bright orange with deep black spots scattered on her orange shell in precise alignment. She took a sip of nectar, and asked 

        “May I join in?”

      “Of Course” said Nancy, “come sit here.” The ladybug’s name was Martha. She sat and listened to Celia tell about the Firefly Air Force. All of the women listened with interest. The more Nancy heard about her son’s antics, the more she wanted to visit him.

      “I’ve talked all night,” said Celia, “Now it is your turn Martha.” At first, Martha was shy and giggled at the attention that the firefly women gave her. “Let me tell you happened to me this week.” Martha explained that she did not fly much at night. She was more active during the day. Last week though, the heat of the night kept her awake. She was sitting on a hibiscus. It was a native hibiscus with giant white flowers. The nectar was very sweet, and the aphids were tender. Another ladybug landed next to me on the same petal for a sip of nectar, and we talked. Suddenly, I saw a flash of light.

      “Did you see that,” asked Martha?

      “What,” asked the visitor?

      “Those bright flashes on the lilac bush.”

The stranger looked toward the bush and saw a brilliant yellow glow. The glow was the brightest of them all.

      “I see it, so what?”

      “I have to check it out,” Martha responded and flew off toward the light. The stranger took off with her. They landed on the lilac bush next to the flashing firefly with the bright light. It was Torch!

Torch asked the women if they heard the message yet. “I’ve been spreading the word for many days. I have a message for Morty Angel,” said Torch.

      “Who is Morty Angel,” they asked in unison?

Torch told his story again. He told it so often that it was automatic.

      He learned from Stretch, the worm, that Morty Angel was a guardian angel who watched a very special person named Ben. Ben is one of God’s favorite people. Morty Angel was going to help the fireflies give Ben a gift. “That is a great story,” said Nancy. Celia and the other women all agreed.

          Nancy excused herself and flew off to her forsythia bush to rest. She was so excited about Luke, her tail light blinked.

      I have to visit Luke, she said to herself. She prepared for the trip.

          The next evening, near dusk, Nancy lifted off the forsythia bush, and flew high. She hoped to catch a breeze that would carry her toward Luke. Her friend Celia told her how to go. The journey would take several days. Nancy flew slower than she did when she was Luke’s age. She made several rest stops during the night. She also stopped to sip on nectar. Each time she did, she repeated the story that Torch told to Martha. Sometimes she spoke to fireflies. At other times, she spoke to earwigs or ladybugs. The earwigs were not very friendly and they frightened her.

They are ferocious looking with those pincers, she thought. Nancy made good progress during the first night. The next night it rained, and she could not fly. She spent the time telling the story to anyone who would listen. That is the way Torch planned it. He would find Morty Angel by spreading the word one insect at a time.

To Be Continued . . .

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Fire Fly Air Force-Chapter 2

Chapter 2.

Throughout the firefly world, the word spread that Luke was an expert flier. He also had a special talent. Luke could turn his light on quickly, and often. Most fireflies had a slow light, but Luke’s light blinked rapidly. He also had the energy to make his flashes repeat often.

Luke, Lenny, and Jaime became inseparable. Every evening they flew together doing spirals and dives. They used their taillights to signal each other while they did their aerobatics. Their favorite sport was hunting mosquitoes. The mosquitoes were very jittery fliers, and catching one was hard. Luke flew ahead of Jaime, and Lenny blinking his light to attract attention. When a mosquito came after Luke, Lennie or Jaime would pick it off in midair. The trio then landed to have a snack.

All of the fireflies on the ground watched as Luke led his friends in amazing aerobatics. They wished they could fly and blink the same way.

At the far corner of the yard, a night crawler inched his way out of the ground into the grass. It is a nightly ritual for him. His name is Stretch. Night crawlers are large earthworms that live in the ground. They move about tunneling through the soil by expanding their body to enlarge the hole. After the hole is larger, they stretch. They pull the rest of their bodies forward. As they move, they swallow the soil in front of them. The worm digests the organic matter in the soil while non-organic matter is cast from their long bodies. The skin on an earthworm has many tiny fingers that are sensitive, to heat, light, and touch. Since earthworms do not have eyes, they rely on their sensors to feel their way about.

On this night, Stretch came out of the ground

for two reasons. First, he wanted to eat grass, and second he was to deliver a message. Stretch received the message in his sensors through vibrations in the ground. He did not know where the vibrations came from. He knew the message was special, and he would have to deliver it. Stretch lay munching on grass when a firefly named Torch landed nearby. Torch got his name from his mother. She named him after his tail light, which glowed brighter than any other firefly’s. It was even brighter than Luke’s was. Torch was an average flier, but his light was a bright yellow. They could see his flashes from across the yard.

The worm sensed the glow coming from Torch’s tail, and slowly stretched his way toward him. Torch was snacking on a drop of nectar when Stretch wiggled up to him.

“Hi,” said Stretch, “Don’t be afraid, I eat grass not beetles.”

“What do you want?”

“I have to deliver a message, and I need your help.”

“How can I help?”

“A fire fly can fly and send signals, can’t he?”

“Yeah. So what?”

“Help me find Morty Angel.”

With that, Stretch snapped back into his hole. He was afraid Torch would come after him in anger. Stretch peeped back out of the hole.

“Whom do you expect me to find?”

“Morty Angel,” he said.

“Who is Morty Angel?”

“I don’t know.”

“Then how am I supposed to find him?” asked Torch.

Stretched inched his way out of the hole once Torch had calmed down.

“All I know is that I’m supposed to find Morty Angel. I have to give him a message from God. The vibrations I am getting are clear. You are the first one I found to ask for help.”

Stretch was tired after digging and eating dirt all day. All he wanted was to come out of the tunnel, breath rich fresh air, and to eat some freshly cut grass. The grass was like eating steak after sifting through all that dirt looking for organic matter to eat. Stretch and his friends worked day and night digging tunnels. The tunnels serve as channels for water to feed the roots of the grass, shrubs, and trees.

Torch, on the other hand, lived above ground hiding in shrubbery during the day. Eating nectar from the flowers was his favorite activity. He had to be careful not to let the Phyro family flashes fool him. The Phyros were not friendly like Torch’s family. They mimicked Torch’s flashes to lure him to them. If he fell for the trick, The Phyro fireflies would eat him. Phyros are cannibals, and the Lucerns are not. Torch is a Lucern.

Torch flashed his tail light. Stretch sensed the bright light, and snapped back into his hole. After Torch finally killed his light, Stretch began to wiggle out again.

“Wow,” he said, “that is a bright light.” “Why is your light so much brighter than all of the other fireflies?

“My parents had bright lights too; In fact, everyone in my family has bright lights.”

“Use your light to find Morty Angel., Signal to all of the fireflies to find Morty Angel.”

“What do we do if we find him?

“Send him to see me; I will give him the message directly. I’ll come out of the ground every night at dark, and stay here next to the lilac bush.”

“I’ll do my best,” answered Torch.

Torch flew to the top of the Lilac bush and began signaling. Soon, a small group of his cousins came and asked, “What is happening?” Torch explained and asked them to spread the word, “Find Morty Angel, and send him to Stretch the worm.”

The word spread all over the yard, and into the next, and the next. The fireflies spread the word throughout the insect world of the night. Within a few hours, the search for Morty Angel progressed across the town through all of the yards, “Find Morty Angel for Stretch.”

To Be Continued . . .