Fire Fly Air Force-Chapter 3

Chapter 3.

Morty Angel took his job seriously. He watched over Ben. God gave him the job, and he wanted to please God with his performance. Whenever Morty needed to leave Ben to go on a special mission, he placed his friend Gracie in charge. When Gracie was busy, he called Max.

On this day, Morty was in charge. He enjoyed watching Ben grow into a beautiful young lad. Ben kept Morty on his toes because he is so smart. Often, Morty had to ask Michael the Archangel for the answers to Ben’s homework. Morty never gave him the answers, only hints. Often, Ben knew the answers but Morty did not. That is when Morty asked Michael for help. As Ben grew in knowledge, Morty’s knowledge increased also.

School was out for the summer, and Morty loved it. He and Ben did fun things together. Of course, Ben never knew when Morty was right there with him because he remained invisible. In the evenings, both Ben and Morty loved to watch the fireflies. Ben called them lightening bugs. He and his friends played in the yard after dark capturing lightening bugs. They put them in jars. Ben loved to watch the beetles light up.

Together, they tried to fill a bottle with tiny yellow lights to make a lantern. The beetles are easy to catch because their taillights give them away. Even when they turn off the light, it continues to glow for a few seconds.

Morty spotted a beetle in the back of the yard with a very bright light. It flashed differently from all of the others. The flashes were bright, and in a distinct pattern; short, short, short, pause, long, long, long, pause, short, short, short. The flashes kept coming in the same pattern; short, short, short, pause, long, long, long, pause, short, short, short. “How odd,” he thought to himself.

To Be Continued  . . .

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