Just who is Barack Obama? I know he has written a book that tells all about his life, but who is he? His book is only one perspective. Really, who is he? Why haven’t I heard CNN reporters prying into his life? Why haven’t they interviewed his classmates, his church congregation, his minister, his family? I’d like to know from the people who spent time with him about the type of character he really is. In one short month, I know more about Sarah Palin than I need to know. After twenty months, I still haven’t got a clue as to who BO is.

BO’s campaign has released everything I have heard about him. Or BO will allude to his book. He portends a blase, “want to know about me?” “Read my book.” BO pretends to know a lot about the modern media and the internet, yet, when it comes to finding out about his really true character, he defers to his book. What is he hiding? If he truly wanted to be elected for honorable reasons, his life would be an open book. The media should examine, and reveal every moment of his life to us. Why do I have to read his book to get the man’s background and true character? This is the age of You-Tube, My Space, BLOGS, and CNN. Let us hear it from the so called unbiased media reporters.

Let’s get the facts about his association with Tony Resko. What are the true details of the real estate deal made on his house? I have heard BO tell the story, but I want the dirt from the media diggers. Just what was his association with Bill Ayres? I haven’t heard any interviews with Ayres explaining the relationship and the work they did?

Why hasn’t BO been placed before Charles Gibson, to answer a set of extemporaneous original questions? I’d like to see Charley, acting like God before BO demanding to know the answers, just as he did with Sarah. If there ever was a sexist interview that was one.

I want to hear from his congregation too. Sure, he has resigned from the church, but does that mean he defaults to his Muslim background? Did he resign from his faith? One does not give up a belief system that easily, i.e., if one truly believes. How do his fellow parishioners hold him? Did he really attend regularly?

How did the man get educated? Who foot the bill for his “private” education? What is the name of the school? What did his teachers think of him? What were his grades? What courses did he study? How about his student loans, I’m sure he had some. How did he pay them off? Did he pay them off?

How about his lovely wife, Michelle, what is her background? I haven’t seen any prying reporter digging into her life either.

Perhaps, if all this digging and reporting on the private life of BO turned up to be unnewsworthy, he would convince me that he is the right man for the job. The bottom line, is this, “I don’t trust BO or his campaign. He is not the right man for the job, and never will be.”

Fidel All Over Again?

The past two weeks, I have been driving across the country listening to the car radio and watching TV news programs in several states. In the mid-west I listened to Shawn Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh, once I got to the rockies, that changed. The conservatives were out of range and the towns are too small for two news stations broadcasting. Most carry CNN and a local station. Normally, I like to watch Fox News and CNN. The two networks are diametrically opposite. Fox is conservative, and CNN is liberal as most viewers know.

What I have observed is a fierce bias by CNN toward BO. He is their fair curly-haired boy. Their reports are sickening with mush for BO. Any attack made by John McCain against BO is immediately countered by endless interviews by liberal reporters who openly report their support for BO. How can news be fair if there is such a strong effort pushing a single candidate?

I do not keep it a secret that I am a conservative, so I want to listen to the conservative side of things, and CNN is pure trash in my mind.

It is also evident that BO is running scared over Sarah Palin. An army of people have desended upon Alaska to dig for clues about how to destroy her. Yet I have never heard a single report about BO. Who were his friends growning up? Who were his friends in school? Did he have any? Did they like him? Would they speak up for him?   How many reports have we heard about BO’s efforts in the Illinois Senate and the U.S. Senate?

I would like to know more about BO’s formative years with his mother. After all, he was raised in a foreign country in a faith that is responsible for our current involvement in two wars. Where are the reporters on any of this? Does any body care but me? Instead, I hear a ton of stuff about a woman who has bravely decided to put her life into the political fray. Sure, I want to know her credentials, but so far none of what I’ve heard changes my opinion of her. She is a thousand times more qualified to run this country than BO, and she will only be the VP.

 John McCain has the correct stand on all the issues. Most of them involve getting govenrnment out of the business of running our lives. That makes BO nervous because he runs on the issue of building a government that runs your life in all respects. To me, that kind of government is just a heart beat away from communism.

I remember a time nearly fifty years ago, when a smooth talking leader convinced us of what he wanted for his country. We all bought into his message based on his ability to speak so eloquently. He eventually, won his revolution and immediately turned 180 degrees to make Cuba into a socialist state. This guy BO reminds me of Fidel all over again.