My pond never ceases to amuse me. This evening I got the urge to begin feeding my goldfish. As I stepped onto the first stone of the pathway at the waters edge a streak of green flashed from my shoe to become splash. A smallish leopard frog with a colorful body pattern and some bright hues of green floated at the edge of a lily pad resting from his leap. No sooner than I took note of him another one jumped even further just as my shoe was about to squish him.

Frogs have been plentiful this season and I wonder if it is because I stocked the pond with goldfish. It is rare to see a small school of six fish and never a school of 24 which is the number I released. Those fish that I do see are much bigger than I bought. Evidently, they are eating any and all organic matter growing in their environment. The frogs on the other hand are carnivorous and enjoy feasting on scrumptious goldies. My logic makes me wonder if the frogs are winning the battle of survival.

One hope I have is that the fish continue to spawn throughout the season. One fish that I released was an algae eating plecostomus.

He is black and disappeared immediately into the darkness of the water. I have dreams that one day soon when I am skimming algae that he will appear latched onto the back of my hand. In a dream he and I are rolling around in the water. Me trying to escape his grip and he trying to take a bigger bite.

The mosquitoes are rather annoying this evening and I must escape from the patio into the house. I’ve done my bit for nature by acting as a mosquito target for the past hour. I have one giant itchy bump on the base of my left thumb and it is driving me mad trying to resist scratching. As I am writing about my thumb, I feel squads of skeeters attacking my hair. The joy of nature has suddenly ceased, and has become a wild urge to begin slapping all about my body and heading for the door.

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