Root Cause(s)

In a world gone awry I have stopped feeding my mind with non-stop cable news and internet news. Too much of what I see in the headlines is geared at trying to convince me that “a” is wrong and “b” is right. None of what they say is fact. Even I could write news blurbs based on my own fanciful ideas. The term coined by President Trump to describe this phenomenon is “fake news.” What really bothers me is when a particular fake news bit is parroted by untold numbers of reporters across the spectrum of broadcasters. They don’t even try to change the words to make their own version a little bit spicier, they just repeat the printed word laid before them. I once read that the lowest paid newscaster earns $140,000.00 a year. That means these yokels are being paid astronomical sums of money for being able to read.

This morning I scanned the headlines of Breitbart as I always do before I begin my day. Scanning headlines is all I need and that is where I stop. Everyone is blaming President Biden for the retreat from Afghanistan fiasco. The poor bastard owns it but he is not the root cause of the problem. It took me a lot of months of training in quality control to finally begin to understand the concept of root cause, and here is my take on it. The root cause of our current Afghanistan retreat is not Biden, it is the American people who voted this sick bastard into place. It goes deeper than just our votes, it goes into all the mentally retarded politicians who campaigned against Trump. Like the Never-Trumpers, and the RINO’s, the news agency’s, and then to all the Democrats who lust for power and who allow their consciences to over rule any immoral corrupt method of voting irregularity to make a win happen.

President Biden should not be blamed for this fiasco but we should empathize with him and his feeble mind. The world knew he was a poor candidate, he has a record of over forty years of no accomplishment in the Senate to back him up, yet we the people decided we hated Trump more than we disliked Joe’s weak record. I think I have to recall my comment about Biden being sick, and to place the sickness on the twisted mentality of the voters who put him in place.

Over sixty million voters voted against Biden, but more than that voted for him. That puts those people into the column in favor of the sick political philosophy pf socialism. That is right, over half of the population is a bunch of lazy-ass, stupid jerks who prefer sitting on their fat-asses drinking beer and feeding themselves non-stop greasy chips while watching mindless entertainment on TV, as opposed to earning an honorable living.

In the past week I’ve had to do a lot of driving. Most time when I stop I find a grubby looking person walking the white line holding a crudely made cardboard sign appealing for help. My mind goes nuts with replay of all the hiring signs I saw along the way. Why isn’t this person spending his energy applying for a job?

Unfortunately, I do not have an answer for this American dilemma, except to brainwash our kids while in school about the virtues of capitalism and the evils of socialism. The problem is that the socialists are winning the war of children’s minds, as they did the minds of their parents a generation earlier. Maybe I am all wrong about what the root cause is, perhaps I should shift the blame to the educational system that feeds socialism into the minds of our kids.

President Obama’s goal to fundamentally change the country is becoming a reality even though he never really defined what that phrase meant.

I wonder if there is any possibility of winning this battle when it is like a cancer that has metastasized to every organ in the body and I am asking a lowly country doctor to cure the patient.