Scot Arrested for Complaining About Islamic Invasion on Facebook

It is hard to believe that Europe is kissing Muslim ass so fervently as to eliminate any freedom of speech their people may have had.

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  1. Scots are fatasscrack welfare scavengers and ain’t worthy taken seriously. Unlike lazy uneducated Scots of Isle of Bute in the Firth of Clyde; Syrians ain’t beggars they’re highly educated rich crafty hardworking self-employed taxpayers who boostup the economy.

    • You are joking of course. Your comment exposes your hypocrisy. Come out from under that towel covering your head and allow the sun to enter with positive energy. If the Syrians were so smart, energetic and wise as you claim they would have thrown out their leader years ago and assumed a peaceful takeover of their country. Instead, they opt out by fleeing and seeking refuge in safe places where the leaders are not immoral muslims.

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