It Stirs My Soul

Nothing stirs my soul more than a good story about veterans, especially WWII vets.

Below is a video about a man who pays tribute to vets across the country with his special talent in woodworking. The video begins with a story about the woodworker but evolves into a visit with one of the oldest vets in the country.

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  1. simply beautiful…you’re right, it stirs the soul

    • One of the most stirring moments for me was the end when they showed the Vet’s birthday and death day.

      • I have learned to have kleenex tissues when I see anything to do with Vets….
        I was out at Ft Sam not too long ago to take my sister and others flowers, I wandered through the many dates…and wondered about all those pauses in between the dots…
        so many stories that won’t get told….sad

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