Spreading Polio in the Name of Islam

English: Representation of a Polio victim, Egy...

English: Representation of a Polio victim, Egypt 18th Dynasty Deutsch: Darstellung eines Poliokranken, Ägypten 18. Dynastie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am a polio survivor. I do not wish the scourge on anyone anywhere, not even radical Islamists. All I can say, is that if Muslims hate the USA so much as to deny their people a way to beat a terrible disease, then they are pitifully sick.

They may be winning the battle to take over the world, but they will lose the battle to polio. The disease does not care if you  are peace loving nor a radical seventh century Muslim, it will take you down.

Spreading Polio in the Name of Islam.

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  1. I remember getting my polio shot at Bowen H.S. in the late 50’s. I can also remember the battle for those who contracted the disease. Feel very blessed. Chuck

    • I am blessed, even though I missed the vaccine by a couple of years. Jonas Salk became my hero. I wrote a series of stories about my experience and posted them on this blog. Polio was a scourge, I saw people living in iron lungs, and others who were able to breathe on their own but that was about all they could do. My personal bout could be termed a “touch” compared to others I got to know. Search my site for polio and see what comes up.

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