What Is Going On?

Is it just me or do you wonder why our country is in such trouble? Listen to Rand Paul explain what is going on and then tell me who is at fault?

A Portrait of Honor

Liberals are already planning a place of honor for their dictator president. Much debate is taking place by pundits from various news sources about why Obama belongs on Mount Rushmore. If you search just for a few nano-seconds you will even find superimposed photos of Obama carved into the mountain next to Lincoln.

I agree, for once with my liberal friends, that an image of Obama must there next to Lincoln, i.e. the one I show. It totally represents the man who does all he can to undo what Lincoln did. Instead of emancipating the blacks of America he further subjugated them to poverty, and into vote-slaves. In this regard he is better than Lincoln because he doesn’t limit vote-slavery to the blacks, he includes all of us. Lincoln died to keep the states united, Obama lives to divide the country.

In my design, I place Obama next to, and above Lincoln because that is where he believes he is. I depict Obama as I see him. This likeness is one of the best I have drawn since he took office, and it most accurately depicts his character. I just hope the model does not get wind of what I have done. I don’t want him attempting suicide.


Your Sunday Morning Laugh

Note To All Hunters: This is from a San Francisco    newspaper:


Folks, just remember as you read this, this person probably drives, votes AND may have already reproduced.


Give Up the Second Amendment It is the Progressive Way

English: Chicago skyline at sunrise Deutsch: C...

Chicago skyline at sunrise

Guns kill people

Murderers use guns

Therefore, taking away guns eliminates killing.

Simple as apple pie, except it is fallacious reasoning, because not all killing is by guns, and the guns are only tools used by people.

Chicago and the State of Illinois have very strict gun laws. I know, I live in the Chicago area of Illinois. I researched what it takes to get a legal carry permit in Illinois. I learned that guns may only be carried by police and elected officials. The rest of us must carry our guns cast into a concrete block locked in the trunk of our cars.

Chicago had 500 Murders in 2012. That made it the murder capital of the United States. Chicago has the most strict gun ownership laws of any major city in the country. Therefore, it is my contention that since guns laws work, and since the only ones allowed to carry guns legally are the police, and elected officials, the murders could only have been committed by the police or elected officials. We all know the Chicago Police are of sterling character, and they are not involved in killing innocent people on the streets. That leaves the elected officials. Yes, the police must arrest the Mayor, Aldermen, and Precinct Captains. Who else is left to suspect? Gun laws work, so the only ones who could possibly be responsible for the killing are those who are legally allowed to carry. Also, since Chicago is 100 percent democrat, I contend that only democrat politicians are responsible for the murders.

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