Free Phone Fiasco

English: Cell phone tower cleverly disguised t...

English: Cell phone tower cleverly disguised to look like an evergreen tree. Located in New Hampshire. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Where in the heck do these people learn about these loop holes? I saw a news article about Obama-phones, but I never studied it any further. Evidently, there is a deep-rooted wish to give the poor a phone to dial 911. The original program gave poor people a free landline phone. The libs soon learned their clientele do not have permanent homes. It is hard to install a land line in a cardboard box or a stolen shopping cart.  Their solution was to add cell phones into the program. Evidently, the law is wide open to interpretation. Rumor also has it that one of the service providers is a crony of the President’s. That really isn’t relevant except that the more phones a provider has signed up the more money he makes. It is the redistribution thing at work. (A concept borrowed directly from Atlas Shrugged.)

Here is another thought to ponder. How many of these free Obama-phones get into the hands of Muslims who send them to Afghanistan for use as Improvised Explosive Device triggers?

I would not know where to go, who to ask, or what the qualifications are to get a free cell phone, do you? Yet, according to the news report in the video below there is a huge number of people who already abuse the program. The result is we, the paying cell phone user, are suffering the cost. If this doesn’t deserve a letter to your congressman nothing does. This issue is a no-brainer to shut off, but it is my guess that Congress will not repeal the bill. Why? Because the dumb-ass Congressmen don’t have the cojones to do anything to upset a vocal minority. Another reason, is that they look upon this program as a drop-in-the-bucket of the trillion-dollar deficit. Therefore, the effect of eliminating Obama-phones is insignificant, and not worth their precious time taken from reading/writing twenty-two hundred page bills. These same people probably won’t bend to pick up a penny from the street. I do, in my way of thinking I only have to pick up ninety-nine more to have a dollar.

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  1. I just learned the reason Obama made this fiasco is to control people. If you accepted that phone then kiss your goodbye to your rights and freedom because you are now a slave. When the government give you something, it will take something more important from you, that’s how social contract works and why is a violation to human rights. Hers what you lost for accepting the free Obama phone, your right to privacy. That crappy phone was made to track each and every move you make, is easy to wiretap conversations. And sice you gave personal information for the phone, you also gave complete authorization to the federal government to access your financial assets without permission. Enjoy your phone, I hope is worth your freedom for it. Welcome to slavery.

    • Thank you for your perspective. It is a very revealing insight into the free phone program.

    • Jesus:
      WHat a great insight. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Wow, I have seen the ads on tv for this type of thing but, SO frustrating to watch this clip!

    • It is all for the social good.

  3. Grumpa-here’s a link to a great story from Fox news on that very subject, and who is getting even richer from the free phone program! Yes, they are Obama supporters…

    Copy and paste this into your browser. It is safe…

  4. If it is, then it is yet another effort by politicians to waste taxpayer money for the sake of purchasing a few votes. Long and illustrious list of such schemes around the world.

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