Alter Ego

There is no doubt that Obama robbed the Medicare trust fund to redistribute wealth. It isn’t just government money he shifted, it is our money. We pay for Medicare. It is insurance. Uncle Obama just doesn’t see it that way. In his empty mind all the money in the treasury belongs to him. He truly believes we want him to do with it as he pleases.  In the meantime, hospitals and doctors are beginning to ration care to seniors; the Death Panel in action. I’ve added a story below which I received from a retired Air Force Colonel to give you an idea of what is happening. The story by his friend takes place in a Chicago area hospital.

Alter Ego


OK, here is the story of my mom, who is on medicare.

She has had colon issues; for years. Diverticulitis. I will leave some stuff out so it reads quicker and not so gross. But, this is the truth.

Wednesday last week she begins to bleed and goes to the hospital NWC in Arlington Heights at 7:30 am she arrives, by 9:15 a.m she is moved to the 6th floor. We assume she is admitted. I mean, why would they move her into a room, right?

On Friday, she is able to handle a colonoscopy.  Prior to the procedure she is visited by the admitting office and told she needs to be out by midnight or she will have to pay the whole hospital bill herself. This is FRIDAY, at 11:30 am this is the FIRST time she was visted by admissions.

She was taken down for the procedure at 4 pm.  Once the procedure was over,  she was told she needed to stay another night because her hemoglobin was only 9.1 (14 is normal, 8 needs a transfusion). They removed several polyps and “handful’s of tissue” I know this is gross, but it is reality.

She is released yesterday with a 9.0 hemoglobin and  without knowing if she owes the whole “bed charge” or if medicare will pay. She is 83.

Today, she is hemorrhaging again…. She goes to the hospital and we PLEAD FOR HER TO BE ADMITTED So she doesn’t have to pay on her own. Here is what the ER DR told us: It is not in our hands anymore (meaning the DR’s)  It is not the DR’s call to admit.  The government is mandating that we make sure that all patients who are admitted deserve to be admitted. Hello, really he says this to us. He said that all hospitals have hired “outside companies” these companies tell the hospitals WHO CAN BE ADMITTED.  This is a “death panel” My MOM IS LIVING IT RIGHT NOW> She will not know until this “company” decides if she is actually “admitted or put on “OBSERVATION”.  If she is not admitted, the patient is responsible for the bill. The DR said, “the government is trying to recoup money because they don’t have money for this care anymore. They are trying to ‘weed out’ certain people.

My hope is that anyone who knows anyone who is either on medicare or medicaid;  TELL THEM THIS STORY. It is real, and it is here, right now.

Any prayers for my mom is appreciated.  We are hoping she will be allowed to have major surgery and get a bag.  Not sure if the government will approve, SHE MAY HAVE TO PAY FOR IT IF THE “COMPANY” DECIDES SHE DOESN’T NEED IT,  even though she is told needs it by the DR.



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