Its a Matter of Perspective

Coat of Arms of Saudi Arabia

Coat of Arms of Saudi Arabia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

WOW! A gallon of gas has reached six dollars in several states. Six dollar gas means that Obama has again succeeded in accomplishing a goal. His energy czar said that gas must go to six dollars a gallon in order for the Obama energy policy to work. What is the energy policy? Drive the price of gas up so high that Americans will rush to Government Motors to buy electric cars. I think they have under estimated what the price of gas will have to reach before we give up the liberty of driving a car whenever we want to where ever we want. We treat driving a car like owning a gun, with one exception. Driving isn’t protected by the Bill of Rights, whereas owning a gun is.

When I worked, I rode a bicycle to and from on three days a week during those months when enough daylight allowed me to do it safely. Before the bike, when gas was twenty cents a gallon, I drove an economy car that gave me thirty miles to a gallon. My friends criticized, and labeled me a fool. Conservatives do things like that, i.e. conserve. It was my choice to not use gasoline foolishly. Had the government made me ride a bike or buy an economy car, I would have purchased the biggest gas hog I could find and I would drive a longer route to work.

With the economy where it is, and folks really hurting, I can’t see why the president doesn’t open federal lands to drilling. It would have the effect of lowering gas prices immediately. Instead, we face rising prices to send more money to Mid-eastern countries that hate us and who use the cash to build mosques in the US. Of course Uncle will place the blame on the Evil Oil Empire and not the Saudis.

Either way, our people are suffering way too much. We take low paying jobs, but we can’t get to them because we can’t afford to fill the tank. Public transportation doesn’t exist outside the big city limits, and all the promises of six-dollar gas driving us toward more public transport is but a wet dream. Even if we had public transportation, I don’t believe we would use it. As a young man, I conducted an experiment with myself. I decided to test the public transportation system. I lived ten miles from my job; the one I rode my bike to.  I caught the very first run of a suburban bus within four blocks of my home at 5:30 a.m. and rode it North (even though my job was South) to a transfer point.  The first transfer took me West to a second transfer point where I finally caught a bus from another company to head South. The bus ride ended too soon, and I transferred a third time to continue. Eventually, after riding on four buses, I alighted and walked the last mile. I arrived at work at 9:30 a.m. My start time was eight o’clock. I succeeded with my experiment, I did make it to my job on public transportation. A friend offered me a ride home which I accepted.

We need an energy policy with teeth. I mean it must be real, not a myth or a politician’s great idea to move backwards in time. If we truly become independent of foreign oil, and let the free market work, we can have a lower cost ride to our employment.

This video exposes the two-faced arguments made by our leader. He makes one argument to get elected, and another to stay elected. I particularly enjoyed the attitude, and the smirky smiles when he addresses a member of the audience who said he drives an SUV because he has ten kids.