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Yesterday, Peggy and I treated ourselves and went to the movies with our friends Donna and Al. The film we saw is Atlas Shrugged II. I would not miss this story for anything. When the first Atlas Shrugged came out, I asked Al to go see it with me. I had never heard of this book before, but some rumors about the story line peaked my interest. Later I asked my grand daughter what kind of books she read during the summer, Atlas Shrugged was one she highly recommended.

Al turned me down, because he heard the movie was panned. I learned the real reason is it played in a theater thirty miles away, and he didn’t want to drive that far. I told myself to get the book and read the story. When I pulled the book from our library, I was shocked to see it was so thick. It is well over five hundred pages of small print. Now it makes sense, I thought. How can anyone make a movie of a story that takes five hundred pages to tell and do it justice in ninety minutes? I wrote a post on the book which you can go to “Atlas Shrugged-Directive 10-289.”

I read the book without stopping. It held my interest throughout. I won’t try to explain the plot, but I will say I recognized it immediately as a scenario taking place in our very near future. I saw an America overcome by an huge elite government with just one goal in mind, take it away from the greedy rich and use it for “social good.”  Of course the elite leaders hated greedy industrialists who made evil profit. The idea of profit made the elite uneasy even though they were all rich, and often family members of the greedy profiteering industrialists.  The glaring hypocrisy of the elites was their attitude about their cronies making profit. Profiteering by the cronies was accepted provided it was in the name of social good. The elites overdosed on power.

The movie didn’t disappoint me, but that is because I had read the story. The director kept the film accurate to the story. The characters were casted perfectly. The only thing wrong with Atlas Shrugged II is that it ended too soon. I predict another two chapters films before we see it all. The four of us made a pact to rent the first chapter and watch it together.

For those of you who are in love with Progressivism I recommend you watch Atlas Shrugged I & II to see where you are pointing America. Better yet read the book, America may cease to exist as we know it by the time they make the entire story into movies.

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  1. Nicely done. I share your sentiment of the book and the movie!

    • Thank you.

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