Redistributing the Wealth

My Flag Flies Everyday

My Flag Flies Everyday

Here is my idea of “redistributing the wealth.” Last Sunday, Peggy and I began the day by meeting some friends at the Country Club. We boarded a bus ($30.00 per) and were driven to Chicago. We were early, so the driver gave us a tour of the city. At 1:30, we arrived at the Cadillac theater for the show “Dirty Dancing” ($95.00 per in the Dress Circle). The show was fantastic. I have never seen a better set design than this one. The dancers were phenominal, as was the music. I rate this production five stars.

The driver must have had a promise from his wife, because we made it back to the Country Club in forty five minutes.  We disembarked in good condition($5.00 tip for the driver). Afterward, the group convened in the Club dining room for pasta night. ($40.00 per with drinks). Now I ask you this, would Barack be able to redistribute the wealth as well? Would he have picked as good a show to see? Would the bus be as good? Would the driver take you on an impromptu tour? Would he pick a nice place to eat? Would he pick great people to redistribute too? Just how will he redistribute your dollars?

 I don’t have a single common interest with Barack Obama, how could he possibly know how to redistribute my limited dollars? It just makes sense to control your own dollars. Barack Obama wants to own your wealth and spend it as he sees fit. He may not even spend it on you.

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  1. First of all I am sorry for your plight. I didn’t write that post to brag about my situation. I wrote it to make a point. That being that it makes more sense to spend your own money as opposed to giving it to Uncle Sam to spend for you. Did I say I belonged to the country club? Have you ever heard of being asked by a member to be his guest? The amount I spent on that little trip was huge, but in the last few weeks I have seen my 401K shrink drastically. Right now I operate on a spend it before I lose it principle.
    I am able to do the things I do because I worked for a Republican man who had the drive and motivation to start a company to make a product of his invention. Yes, he operates on the principle of making a profit. If he didn’t make a profit his money would be better in a bank earning interest. He is eighty two years old, he is still making a profit. He has more money than he will ever spend in his lifetime, but he keeps workiing. Why? Because he believes he has a moral obligation to keep three thousand people employed. It is his “greed” that has enabled him to hire that many people. Had he kept his money inthe bank three thousand families would not have those jobs. He believes in being good to his employees, but only offers what is necessary to be competitive. His Human resources Department has people lined up to work for him. They recognize this greedy company as a good place to work. The company provides benefits unlike any others in the area.
    There are many companies in this country that fall into this category. Yes there also Enrons. I lost one year of 401K donation to their kind of greed. I didn’t like what happened there or in any of the other companies like Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac who over paid their CEOs for their services. It wasn’t the company that was greedy, it was the individual who was running it. He (they) are thieves and should be prosecuted. Society is filled with thieves. Some steal small, some steal big. The corporate CEO who steals big is no different than the person who steals a purse. It is sad that we see testify against the robber who breaks into our house, but allow the thieving CEO to get off. That is a reflection on our society not on the system.
    I live in a the Democratic state of Illinois. It is the state where Barack Obama got his start in politics. Are you aware that several of our Governors have gone from office to prison? Our last governor is still in prison, and our current one is being investigated for corruption now. He too will most likely go to trial.
    Our state is one of the most liberal in the union. We give money away like we own the printing press. Our taxes are among the highest in the country. We have too many people on welfare and ADC. The State Employees pension fund has been raided and the retirees are worried they will lose benefits. Current state employees have lost benefits. Our state is in debt for several generations of people. Our State Debt is in the billions, and our government continues to spend. They have taxed too many companies out of the state with their liberal politics.
    I will vote Republican for several reasons, one being that Barack Obama was trained in politics by Illinois politicians, and he is most likely as corrupt as they are. Second, I believe in the free enterprise system. Barack Obama and the Democratic house will serve to ruin the best system in the world.
    Thanks for your comment, again, I understand you concerns, but I think you are down on the system because you are feeling down yourself.
    In my field we had a saying, “Its pretty hard to remember that the objective was to drain the swamp when you are up to your ass in alligators.”

  2. How very fortunate you are to be able to afford membership in a country club with all the trimmings. My husband, a teacher at the local community college, was laid off several years ago, and I was laid off from a hospital last summer. Each of us was unable to find other work due to our ages (close to yours) and being over qualified for the jobs available, and we were more or less forced to take early retirement. Now our meager early retirement checks leave us below the poverty line.

    You spent more for your bus trip than we would consider paying for a fancy meal at a restaurant. These days, if we eat out, it has to be McDonald’s (under $14) or Whataburger (less than $16). The thought of spending $95 for an evening’s entertainment is no longer within the realm of possibility for us.

    We’ve worked all our lives and worked hard. The Republican philosophies of the Bush Administration have ruined the lives and dreams of many, many people. For example, Enron: lost pensions, worthless stock, many employees kicked out with nothing. Corporate CEOs (probably mostly Republican) get away with golden parachutes even when they do a lousy job. Managers see their employees as “units” that they can fire without feeling bad about it. There is no compassion in the Republican Party for the little guy, the American worker. We’re just the people you step on as you make your way up the corporate ladder.

    That’s why we are voting for Barack Obama and Joe Biden. They care about us and will order tax cuts for the middle class — certainly larger than what McCain proposes. They will start correcting the many, many mistakes of Dubya. I didn’t like him as my governor; I hated him as my president.

    There’s an old saying: You reap what you sow. The greed and cold-heartedness of the GOP is coming back to bite it in the ass.

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  4. I couldn’t agree with you more. The red flag is bright, but the liberal democrats only see it as the flag of their direction, i.e. communism.

  5. I have a flag to and its a red flag attached to Obama comment of spreading the wealth! No vote for Barack to take my money and give it to a lazy bum who refuses to work for a living!

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