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Last week,  Sarah Palin took Joe Biden to task for telling Americans that it is “patriotic” to pay taxes. Good old bright-white tooth Joe gave an angry response about how unpatriotic is was for U.S. companies to be shirking their patriotic tax duty by sheltering in foreign countries. His tone of voice was such as to be in command. Well, he is in command, of his lack of business knowledge and simple economics. 

My guess is that right now, all across this country, businesses, large and small, are strategizing on how to minimize taxes under a new socialist president. The stategic planners are dusting off “Plan B.” Many  times, “Plan B,” is a move to another country. It is the very heart of a business to maximize the amount of money they make. After all, anyone can buy a government bond and get a healthy one percent return on the investment. There is nothing more debilitating to a business than paying taxes. In fact, I find it dibilitating too. There is nothing like working your ass off  40-60 hours a week to leave a huge amount of your pay on the table for uncle.

The point that Joe Biden and Obama are missing, is the primary reason for companies moving off-shore; TAXES. The host country sees an opportunity for it’s citizens, while the evacuated country waves goodbye to jobs. Politicians like Biden and Obama, blame the move on a lack of patriotism. It is the “greed of big government” that causes profit making corporations to flee. Big government can never get enough to feed the dragon of socialistic give aways.

I worked for a man who built his fortune by sleeping, eating, and working his business seven days a week for fifty five years. He is in his eighties, and still working. When Ronald Reagan cut capital gains taxes in the eighties, our company went berserk with expansion. The owner couldn’t push us hard enough or fast enough to make investments in new products and markets. The company expanded. The number of people he employed increased from 1000 to 3000. Ronald Reagan didn’t create the jobs, hard working people with an incentive to invest created the jobs. Then came the Clinton years. Taxes increased. My efforts were spent shipping equipment to the far east. I traveled extensively, to train new people on how to make our products on our equipment. Our employment numbers in the states shrunk.

You answer this question, “Is it more patriotic to pay taxes to feed the greed of big government, or is it more patriotic to cut taxes to feed people with jobs?”

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  1. Nice writing. You are on my RSS reader now so I can read more from you down the road.

    Allen Taylor

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