Fair Trade

Here is my proposal to help reduce the cost for welfare in our great country. Let’s trade twelve million people from our welfare roles for the twelve million illegal aliens we allowed in. The illegals are all doing the work that those on welfare refuse to take. Why do our citizens refuse to work? Because welfare pays better.

Think of the benefits: 1. We save billions in welfare money, 2.) We send the unhappy recipients back to the country of their ethnic origin thus making them happy to be home again, 3) We make the illegals very happy because we embrace them as the hard working people they are, 4) We get to keep our good laborers and enjoy the fruits of their labor, 5) We eliminate the need for Acorn and free those people to find work in a socialist state, 6) We eliminate the minimum wage because the illegals are happy to make anything, 7) The illegals are happy with whatever amount they make because it is more money than they have ever seen in their own countries, 8) The majority is happy because they have finally repatriated the unhappy people whose decendents were brought to these shores against their will, and the list goes on.

Fair trade? Not even close, we win.

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